In the last week Gunmetal Games released two new supplements for their Interface Zero setting. The Interface Zero Game Masters Screen and the Interface Zero Hacking 2.0 are both useful little expansions, using the Savage Worlds Deluxe system.

  Interface Zero is a futuristic setting, where global warming, destructive wars and modern technology changed the world we know today.

Interface Zero Game Masters Screen

  The guys at Gunmetal Games has presented a very good GM Screen, which features a ton of useful tables and three gorgeous art panels. The rules include Savage Worlds Deluxe combat rules, hacking, Cybertrauma and Biotrauma rules, stealth, movement, and others.

Interface Zero Hacking 2.0

   This fine little supplement brings a much needed update to the game setting, and streamlining the old system. With the new quick and easy rules you may hack any system the Game Master could imagine. I have to note, that these rules will be included in the Interface Zero 2.0 rules later this year, so if you already planning to buy that book, then maybe you don’t want to buy this supplement now.

For those who are interested in these two new supplements, both Interface Zero Game Masters Screen and Interface Zero Hacking 2.0 are available from DriveThruRPG.

For more information on Interface Zero, you may visit the publisher’s website here.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros