Iron Age is a new tabletop/pen and paper RPG that was sent to is that is based in a bit of history, it takes some of the facts from history or historical periods and puts them into a fantasy like setting, in bringing all this together they also promise a more unique concepts of maneuvers and other gameplay options.

Using the same dice we are use too it gives each die a new roll within the game, the d4 being used for characteristics, d6 location and initiative, and d10 is damage, d12 is magic and mental disorder (yes, I said mental disorder.), and d20 is the skill die. While each skill and primary characteristic will be upped through four levels of “mastery”, that being basic, advanced, master, and grandmaster. Special characteristics will be other prerequisites in order to increase.

I got a chance to look at their ‘edited version’ and promo rules (which anyone can download at their campaign page here.  This includes a few rather interesting things, one such that interested me was “Mental disorders.” this is, as you may have guessed, the state of your character’s psyche. Your MD can be increased through out the game I would assume through traumatic events or other such things but you will roll a d12, and add it to your “MD” and check the chart to see if you have developed a mental disorder, this sounds like fun in and of itself.

For some of the characteristics they have “Simple” and “Advanced” rules for some points in the book, which are just short blurbs on extra ways to integrate the skills or what have you.

It also seems many classes have a moral adjustment, so picking a certain class can help dictate if you are a little more evil or not (though some classes are at a base of “0”)

It’s a very in depth system and has a lot of great potential, they are running a kickstarter-like program here. They also have a high option that will give you a share of the profits if you invest enough, very interesting technique!