King Arthur II – The Role-playing Wargame launched earlier this week, providing a sequel to the innovative ans successful King Arthur game released in 2009. Published by Paradox Interactive and Neocore, it seems they kept everything which made the prequel a great game, and even improved upon on some aspects. By the way, I’m really proud of the Hungarian guys at Neocore, since as you may know we at Rpg.Org are from Hungary too.

   The game continues the story after King Arthur is now the Maimed King, and he is cursed too. The Holy Grail is destroyed, Camelot is in ruins and the Knights of the Round Table have disappeared or turned against each other. The land is filled with monsters and small kingdoms fighting fro control. Now it’s the player’s turn to save Brittain.

About the game

  King Arthur II is something like the well known Total War games, but with some additional elements and a strong central story. Diplomacy and morality is as important as battlefield tactics, and many seemingly easy decisions has long-term effects. You have to complete quest, fight battles, improve your lands and make alliances.

  One of the unique features is the game is a “moral compass” which shows if you are a benevolent king or an evil tyrant, and it’s also follows if you are a dedicated christian or a follower of the old gods. Your decisions during quests and diplomacy could change this values, which in turn has an effect on the available units and choices you may take in the future.

  The graphic is good (especially the overland map), and the gritty fantasy setting with monsters (dragons for the win !), magic spells and classic medieval units is great. The quest-driven story is really alive, and it’s really make the game much more interesting than just fighting for territory after territory until you win.

For the release, they presented this awesome trailer :

For more information you may check the King Arthur II homepage, and the Paradox Plaza forum, which also contains several in-detail articles about the game.

I highly recommend to try out this title if you could spare the time.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros