The Last Sons is an extensive Plot Point campaign for Deadlands, using the Savage Worlds Deluxe system. On the other hand it’s much more than that, as it contains a lots of information about the Weird West.

   It provides detail on the strange locales and trails of the Disputed Territories, and contains a lots of player information, including Edges and Powers (including shamanic ones) and a full catalog of top secret Agency and Texas Ranger gadgets. The book also contains about 30 Savage Tales to boot.

   Thankfully for us, most of the player information is available for free in the The Last Sons Player’s Guide, which could be downloaded from Pinnacle’s website.

    The time period of the book is after the great flood and the end of the first part of the Rail Wars. Now the second round is going on, including a lots of fighting in the Maze and the coastline. It seems a very good time for the Reckoners and their followers I think, so heroes could find their hands full with problems to solve.

   Speaking about problem solving, the new stuff in Last Sons, including character options and equipment could help a lot for hopeful heroes. Shamanic characters could summon spirits to their aid, while Agents and Rangers have shiny new things to play with. Weapons like grenades, gatling rifles and even explosive watches is one thing, but turning ghosts into corporeal form is really something to look at !

For those interested I really recommend to take a look at Pinnacle’s Weird Website, and check out The Last Sons.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros