Legend of the Five Rings releases The Harbinger this January, and with it come many environment changing cards and strategies. TCGplayer will have previews leading up to the release of The Harbinger, this week’s featuring two new event cards.

Event cards by their nature are risk/reward. In most cases the risk is deck space and timing of when the event flips, the reward being the effect of the event if it is well timed. Last Line of Defense has a permanent reward, reducing the timing risk, however it adds a new risk.

The addition of 2 extra strength to your provinces may not seem like a large amount, but it can be enough to require an additional follower, force-increasing action, or personality, which can cause an opponent to need to delay a turn before attacking, or at least be unable to split his forces to threaten two provinces. The drawback however is that once the opponent does take a province, he draws two additional fate cards, which will help him further in his following attacks. This is an event solely for those pure defensive honor, dishonor, and enlightenment decks, as a single failed defense can destroy the benefit of the event.

Legend of the Five Rings is first and foremost a story game, and the cards themselves are meant to tell and reflect the story and actions of those who play. In the 2009 Kotei season the Army of Dark Fire descended on the northern lands of the Empire, and the Phoenix and Dragon took a heavy beating. At one of the Kotei Events, the storyline was an assault on a Phoenix castle. Jon Green, playing a Unicorn deck, won the tournament. In the story that followed the Unicorn rode in to bolster the Phoenix ranks against the fiery menace, and that is reflected in this event, which works for any player, but gives an extra bonus to Unicorn players. RpgZorg also notes the credit to Jon Green on the side of the card.

Want to tell your story? Pick up some Harbinger this January, and look for the Celestial Edition base set in stores now!