Magic 2011 Prerelease

By | June 22, 2010

The Magic 2011 Prerelease is in July 10-11! Experience the newest Magic: The Gathering set a week before it goes on sale! You can play, trade, and win some cool prizes. Play in any tournament and receive an exclusive Sun Titan promo card:

What Happens There?

Magic 2011 Prerelease Tournaments are Sealed Deck format. Each player receives 6 Magic 2011 booster packs to build a deck. The tournaments are run using Swiss rounds with a minimum of four rounds per event. (Tournaments with only 8 players may run three rounds.)

Some events may be run using a modified Swiss-style structure and/or single-elimination rounds. Contact your local Prerelease Tournament organizer for specific details.

For more information, visit the MAGIC TG Site (link)

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  1. mzage

    Very beautiful
    Fantastic game and exciting adventure
    These are games that I like a lot

    Thank you

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