People regularly checking on Palladium Book‘s website may already recognized that they are looking for Megaversal Ambassador‘s, gamers to help them to popularize thier games.

What is it about ?

  They are looking for volunteers to do what they like : play roleplaying games. Apart from the really awesome Megaversal Ambassador title, it’s mean that applicants should run Palladium role-playing gaming events and/or demos at conventions, stores and other gatherings to introduce new players to  Palladium‘s roleplaying games.

  That mean that the volunteers will become members in a team of realy motivated players, sharing ideas (pregenerated characters, adventures etc.), and coordinating with each other to introduce as much new players to the game as they can. Of course, they also receive official support, in the form of free GM Kit’s (the Rifts GM kit is already finished, others are under development), a dedicated forum for Megaversal Ambassador‘s, and the help of several staff members.

Of course, they also provide convention prizes and support.

  Above the satisfaction to introduce new players to the wonders of roleplaying and the joy of playing Palladium Books plan to offer several thing to their new voulnteers: a Megaversal Ambassador ID badge, a T-Shirt, and even some discounts on their products. However I guess most of the participants will join only because they love the game, not for a particular reward.

  There are few requiments for joining in : Run two or more Palladium gaming events at one or more public venues during the year, and provide Palladium Books with the contact information they request.

  We here at Rpg.Org Magazine wholeheartedly support any movement to popularize roleplaying games, and personally I think that involving the enthusiastic player-base is the way to go.

For further information check out the article on the publisher’s website here, and join in by sending an e-mail at

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros