It’s caused me a great deal of surprise, that last week Green Ronin published Mutants & Masterminds Threat Report #51: The Atom Family.

  It’s definetly a change from what you would expect from the series. Why ? Because Threat Report series is about villains and vigilantes a player group may face, and are thought to be a threat by Aegis. Since the Atoms are a hero group, they inclusion in the series really surprised me, especially that even the report don’t mention any villanous activities on their part.

  But regardless, Steve Kenson provides us a very excellent short supplement. And it’s free ! You may download it from here.

  In the product you receive the detailed history of The Atom Family, which is both updated and revised since their first appearance in Mutants & Masterminds 1st edition. The atoms now are older, Maximus is married to a teacher and there is no mention about Wolfjack anymore !

  As you may guess the in-game statistics for the characters are all in place, but it’s no surprise with Steve Kenson. For those who don’t know the familiy here is a small recap.

  Dr. Atom now is a genious mind in a supercomputer, still mentoring his grandchildren. The superpowered Atoms are Maximus who could change his size and could turn into an incorporal form, Tesla who could generate and control nucleonic enery fields, Victoria, a shapeshifter with pliable form, and Chase who is a powerful mentalist. Other NPC included in the book are Cosmo the Moon Monkey with teleportation powers, Jack Wolf ex-mercenary and legal guardian and Alex the robotic butler. That’s a lost of characters in 9 pages !

And what’s even better : the characters are also available as Hero Lab data files, ready to use.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros