Indie developers are coming out of the wood works with new and improved ways to show off their games, does just that in a awesome-package deal everyday. Each new bundle includes at least 3 games you can buy for $5, in the case of the Mother Ship Bundle, you get a bonus game totaling it at 4 games.

I had the pleasure of being able to play each game and well, here’s what I thought!


Mayhem Intergalactic, by Adventure Productions

This is a pretty common concept in a game, though this game is increasingly addictive. You start off with your planet and a few ships, you upgrade one planet per turn, and increase your ships each turn. You then zooomm around and try to conquer other planets, it’s turn based and with a bit of a twist there is an option that allows the AI to get smarter every time you win. I got near the end of the difficulty, turned it down, and turned that option off because the AI got extremely difficult and I preferred to stomp them into the ground.

The game is extremely simple, only 3-4 commands, simple graphics, yet extremely addictive. I highly suggest after doing quick play a few times to create your own map, you are able to have up to 7 opponents and the map gets substantially larger. Not much else to say on that though, simple and sweet. Replayability for me seems to be about in the middle, something I would probably play once or twice a week, but if some more people end up being online or a friend gets it, I can see myself playing it much more.


Beware Planet Earth!, by Lightmare Studio

This one is by far my favorite, it has cartoon-like graphics which seem to be ageless for me, though the game almost feels like it should be sitting on facebook it is still entirely too easy to get lost in. Beware Planet Earth! is your typical turret defense game, an old man is stuck inside what seems to be his porta-potty? And his Cows are in danger of being abducted by aliens! And it’s up to you, and his quirky contraptions that he somehow builds and gives to you, to save them.

I have not yet beat this nor gotten to the end, which I assume there is one as I continue to get ‘upgrades’ and new gadgets that the old farmer makes me each day. I also haven’t touched the challenge maps yet, though I do like the “boss fights” and enjoy zapping the aliens. A lot of the sounds and the way its designed does feel a lot like some of the new more advanced facebook games, I think this would be really fun to play on a mobile device.


Eight Days in Convoke, by SwanActive Games

This one, I hate to say, I didn’t like at all. Being an alien and abducting humans was nice, but the controls were either too sensitive or not sensitive enough. It was rather jerky and hard for me to enjoy, though I’ve always loved the dark “limbo” type look, I’m not entirely sure it suited a game like this, then again I don’t find anything dark or mysterious about aliens (as much as I love and respect the idea). It is a physics type game where you have to thrust your ship around on limited fuel, and abduct people. There are many, many levels though I didn’t play through them all. Anyone who likes this type of game will find a lot of levels and it seems they keep updating it, so has a lot of replay value. There are military threats to avoid while you attempt to abduct the human race and find your way back to your launch pad.


Fulmination, by SwanActive Games Bonus Game!

Fulmination is a game that I HIGHLY stress you read the Help/instructions. It takes typed in commands such as “RADAR” to reveal the map, and then coordinates (135,358) that you type in to target your destination. It’s inspired by cold war era technology and conflicts such as the Cuban Missile crisis, you are the only one to protect your home base as you defend from ground units, special units, and oncoming missiles. I haven’t mastered everything yet, but once I finally figured it all out I rather enjoyed it, and it definitely tests your numerical keyboard knowledge. Speed and precision is what is needed here, it seems easy at first but as the missiles and other things begin to fill up the screen panic begins to set in, and the numbers get harder to read. An extremely simple game that actually is pretty fun, the game seems to be in very new stage as it has a “Campaign” option that is “Coming soon”, but with the bundle you get the updates that the publishers put out. Most of these games use Desura (similar to Steam). All in all a great bundle, and definitely worth a lot more than $5.


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