Neverwinter online multiplayer game is coming

August 25 10:05 2010 Print This Article

We mentioned earlier, there were rumors that a new Neverwinter game is coming, now Atari and Cryptic has announced the official release of the game for PC. Neverwinter won’t be a traditional MMORPG though – learning from their mistake with Star Trek online and Champions online – rather a game half way between MMO and multiplayer games and is described as online multiplayer game by the developers. In Neverwinter the players can choose between the five classic Dungeons and Dragons characters ( Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Cleric, Wizard) and join with friends or CPU controlled allies to form groups. Players can easily create their own storyline or quest by the new “Forge” system. The game supports only online play, so the world and the city of Neverwinter will be a public place where we can meet other players and forming groups. There will be two kinds of areas; private and public, and as Jack Emmert (Cryptic) said, the players have the freedom to decide whether an area should be public or private. The developers also promised to add more contents to the game after it is released.

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