Neverwinter is a game that holds a dear place in my heart, I have only fond memories of the game and now they are mixing two great memories into one; Neverwinter and MMO’s. Now being the big MMO buff I am, when I found out the new Neverwinter was an MMO I found myself actually a little disappointed, and worried. I’m not one for pessimism, so I decided to take a bigger look into it.

Neverwinter: Vie for glory is the newest Dungeons & Dragons addition to the MMO world, seeing as I love many of the concepts of DDO (Dungeons & Dragons online) this games me a little hope in itself, inspired by R.A. Salvatores Neverwinter Saga book trilogy you’ll be able to choose from the typical classes such as Cleric, Rogue, Ranger, Wizard, and of course Fighter and 3 races, which seem to be Human, Dwarf, and Elf (though this is not confirmed). Being a Drow fan myself, the limit in races I hope is expanded, however there are Drow in the screenshots so I am pretty optimistic about that.

Details seem to be few and far in between, though the screenshots and video look absolutely gorgeous. Cryptic Studios is trying to make it clear that this will not be a traditional MMO but will be a bit more unique, you won’t be apart of a large world where there are tons and tons of people scattering about with you, but you will have a group of a small amount of players who may be player OR computer controlled, you will complete quests, explore the world, and even the underworld as you traverse through many dungeons and the other things you’d expect to see in a game such as this.

Though as in popular demand for many games, playing on your own is also possible. You can focus on creating a party filled with AI henchmen rather than grouping with strangers, but this does open up a realm of some great friend-multiplayer gaming.

The RPG element will be severely focused in this game rather than some typical combat-orientated games, exploration and discovery will be something that the entire group will experience and hopefully enjoy.

We’ve provided some of the newest screenshots and the video bellow, I have high hopes that this will stay true to some of the previous games while still bringing in my favorite passion, MMOing. But alas I can not help but to worry a little bit in the back of my head. What do you guys think? Excited or want nothing to do with it?