The first news is that the free-to-play Everquest 2 is coming on the 17th of August. Second news is that Sony Online Entertainment has just revealed their new Everquest MMORPOG title temporarily called Everquest: Next. And finally on their annual Fun Faire event, Sony Online announced that Everquest 3 is on the way! Though it was not an official announcement for it’s still in an early state. According to EQwire, Everquest Next won’t be direct sequel of the first two EQ but a reimagining with a few major and a lot of minor changes. The players won’t have to learn the storyline reading the dialogues of other NPCs but but in a different way that they won’t tell us yet.
John Smedley, president of SOE says that Everquest Next will provide less classes than in EQ2 (like EQ1). According to him you won’t play the next episode from LVL 1 and they try to make character connections from the first till the third episode. The Everquest Next video hasn’t been released yet, but it will be available very soon.