Do you consider jumping in the roleplaying business? Or do you want to play Dungeons & Dragons, but you’re not familiar with the rules, or the world? Then you’re lucky, because this new release will satisfy all your Dungeons & Dragons needs.

Complicated? Nope, it only contains the basics, “designed for 1-5 players”. Only a few character races (dwarf, elf, halfling, and human) and classes (cleric, fighter, rogue, and wizard) are presented, old-school ones only.

The contents are::

“32-page book for players, with rules for character creation and a solo adventure
64-page book for Dungeon Masters, with the rules of the game, advice on how to run the game, and adventure content
2 sheets of die-cut tokens for characters and monsters
Cardstock character sheets and power cards
Double-sided dungeon map
6 polyhedral dice”