Do you need a new complete game setting for your Traveller campaign ? Maybe it’s Flynn’s Guide to Azri Drakara: A Primer what you are waiting for. Or you may use this for another sci-fi setting as well as it is filled with much needed background informations from interstellar governments in the sector to the alien races present.

Samardan Press just released Flynn’s Guide to Azri Drakara: A Primer, a new sourcebook about a sci-fi game setting, a space sector, and its inhabitants. Written by Jason “Flynn” Kemp, this is a complete world, which could be used for a Traveller or another sci-fi campaign.

“Out towards the rim of the Milky Way galaxy, a thousand parsecs away from Old Earth, far from that little yellow sun called Sol, lays a region of space known as the Azri Drakara sector!”

This 33-page supplement starts with the short history of the Dracosian Republic, which is the main power of the sector, and consist a brief description of all the eleven interstellar governments in the system, and a sector map. We also get details on the 15 different races encountered in the sector, from which the standard human and the drakar races are the most dominant. The book ends with some design notes about the setting which is an interesting addition.

And there is more (to come) …

Depending on the developers blog, multiple additions will be released to the setting. Flynn’s Guide To Azri Drakara: Rodan Subsector had already been released two weeks before the Primer, and it’s focuses on a single subsector on Azri Drakara’s frontier ,with astrography maps and details about the 40 most important worlds there.

If you would like to see the developers blog, you could find it here : In Like Flynn

Maybe it’s time to explore new stars.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros