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6Quest on Kickstarter!

  6Quest, the popular Hungarian interactive fiction game is being translated to English – provided it reaches its Kickstarter goal. 6Quest is a collection of online fantasy gamebooks taking place in the shattered world of Felorian. The players assume the role of Arkhons, extradimensional entities who are trying to collect pieces of forgotten memory from the history the… Read More »

The Frankenstein Wars: a Next-Gen gamebook app running on Kickstarter

Cubus Games, the developers behind Heavy Metal Thunder, Sol Invictus (both honoured with Pocket Gamer Silver Award), Necklace of Skulls (Pocket Gamer Bronze Award) and The Sinister Fairground, are funding their last project on Kickstarter.     The Frankenstein Wars is a Next-Gen gamebook, enhanced by interactive maps, time sensitive missions, weather affecting the story and two main… Read More »

Mutant Chronicles 3rd Ed. RPG Kickstarter, and more.

Mutant Chronicles is something many of you might remember from back in the early 1990’s of gaming, it’s setting in a sci-fi post-apocalyptic world filled with cyberpunk, horror, and many a big boiling pot of other genres fit into one amazing setting. This all takes place  in a world wrought with war and death, where the surfaces of… Read More »

D&D novel, Cold Steel and Secret – part II releases today !

The second part of Rosemary Jones Dungeons & Dragons novel, Cold Steel and Secrets releases today. Available in e-book format, the story about the Neverwinter agent, Rucas Sarfael is continues.   Today is the release day for the second part of Rosemary Jones four-part serial, Cold Steel and Secrets. The story takes place at the world of Forgotten… Read More »

Trail of Cthulhu: Inmates

Today is the fifth day of the official Cthulhu-week, honoring the birthday of Howard Philips Lovecraft, born on 20th August 1890. Many Lovecraftian, and occult press releases has taken place this week commemorating one of the most influental horror and fantasy author of the 20th century. Among others, a new frame book has been released for Trail of… Read More »

Ephemera collection available

Paul S. Kemp, author of many best-selleing books and the famous Erevis Cale (Forgotten Realms) has now made a collection of his best fantasy related stories under the name of Ephemera, a volume of dark fantasies and imagination. Ephemera is an introduction to a life’s work of a most genuine and popular fantasist. Ephemera reveals the secrets of… Read More »

Martial Power 2

Martial Power II is the second supplement book focusing only on Martial classes in the Dungeons and Dragons world; the Fighter, Ranger, Rogue and Warlord. In fact that the book is about none but mechanical options so if you are not interested in technical subjects then you won’t really enjoy this manual. On the other hand, the design… Read More »

Vampire: The Requiem Invite Only

The book Vampire: The Requiem Invite Only has just been published and it focuses on the interaction between the vampires in their society and how they treat other vampires. Are the vampires truly antisocial and lonely creatures, solitary predators, or do they cooperate with other vampires? Do they accept or understand other creatures or do they always consider… Read More »

Smallville RPG is available

In the darkest of hours will the heroes put aside their differences, and deny their hunger for wealth and power, to unite and save the world? What will be your destiny? As the story of one of the most famous heroes unfolds, you have to choose your path: take up the previous story or choose a new path… Read More »

The Ghost King available in July

The Ghost King is the third novel from the Transitions triology by R.A.Salvatore. That’s rigth, Drizzt is back (like the 100th time), and Cadderly from the Cleric Quintet series is here to help again! Seriously i don’t know what people see in this series, but it’s true, the first 2 triology was awesome. But maybe there are fans… Read More »

Unbroken Chain – Release date

The next Forgotten Realms novel’ll be the Unbroken Chain by Jaleigh Johnson. It will be available at 07/06/2010 for ~$7.99. Heroes in dark times. Adventure in sinister places. Born in shadow. Suspended between the worlds of the living and the dead is a thrill-seeking race imbued with the fleeting power of shadow: the shadar-kai. Baptized by blood. Ashok… Read More »

Cthulhu’s Dark Cults Anthology Available Now!

Cthulhu’s Dark Cults Ten Tales of Dark & Secretive Orders Fiction Anthology Call of Cthulhu Fiction Series Edited by David Conyers Cover Art by Steve Gilberts CHA 6044 $14.95 256 Pages isbn 1-56882-235-9 The book contains 10 short stories, all around the world, about the worshipper cults of the Old Ones and Cthulhu. Dustin Wright ( writes :… Read More »

The Erevis Cale Trilogy is aviable now!

The Erevis Cale Trilogy, 3 Forgotten Realms novel by Paul S. Kemp, is aviable at the bookstores near you (we hope…). It collects the Twilight Falling, Dawn of Night, and Midnight’s Mask into one paperback book,with new cover art: “Erevis Cale might seem like just another loyal butler for just another wealthy family in the merchant realm of… Read More »

Compacts and Conspiracies

Finally a new Hunter: the Vigil book is out! Personally, Hunter is one of my favorites in World of Darkness, it has a lot more horror-like feeling than the other WoD series… So, what”s new? “For many hunters carrying the Vigil, the hunt is only one part of their lives. Many belong to hunter organizations-the more localized compacts,… Read More »

Cross Purposes

And finally the third one is: Cross Purposes – a short story by Elizabeth Moon “Elizabeth Moon, author of the Vatta’s War series, the Nebula Award-winning The Speed of Dark, and many other popular science fiction novels, has returned to her epic fantasy roots with a new novel, Oath of Fealty, on sale March 16. This month the… Read More »

Make Believe

Second one: Make Believe – a short story by Michael Reaves from the Mar/Apr 2010 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction “Our partnership with The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction continues with this frightening short piece from the March/April 2010 issue. Michael Reaves’s story is set in the supposedly peaceful days of the early… Read More »

Three Days to Dead

Today i’ve found some Free-to-download books, so enjoy them.: First one: Kelly Meding: Three Days to Dead “They’ll never see her coming… When Evangeline Stone wakes up naked and bruised on a cold slab at the morgue – in a stranger’s body, with no memory of who she is and how she got there – her troubles are… Read More »

Star Trek Online: The Needs of the Many

A fresh novel is out from the Star Trek Online Franchise: “Prior to the terror-filled times of the Long War—the seemingly endless struggle against the Undine, a paranoid, shape-shifting race once known only as Species 8472—enemy sleeper agents quietly penetrated every echelon of Federation society, as well as other starfaring civilizations throughout the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The… Read More »

Realms of the Dead

The Haunted Lands Anthology is out, from Susan J. Morris (editor) and R.A.Salvatore, the creator of Drizzt, the famous dark elf character in Forgotten Realms. peeked “inside” the antology: “Not even the mightiest mage, working spells that remain utterly reliable, can hope to prevail against dozens of tireless, ruthless undead who suffer no pain and can be… Read More »