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Priston Tale II : European Beta Key Giveaway at

Fresh from “ and GamerKraft are pleased to present our European members with a cool beta testing opportunity for Priston Tale II: The 2nd Enigma! The beta test will begin on April 29th at 18:00 GMT and end on May 13th at 18:00 GMT. Get your beta key now while supplies last! NOTE: Only members from… Read More »

Fantasy games dominate in the MMO genre

At OnlineMBA there is a lot of online gaming statistics that reveals, among other non-MMO related things, that 94% of MMO subscriptions are to fantasy games. The rest are the other genres, like science fiction (EVE Online, etc.), Social games (Second Life) and real-combat / modern time simulators. “It’s no secret to most of us that the MMO… Read More »

There is a war in Kryta…

War in Kryta will put players in the middle of a struggle between the oppressive White Mantle zealots and the Shining Blade rebels in order to decide the fate of Kryta. The GW events like this tells the story which will lay the foundation for Guild Wars 2. “Within the war, players help the Shining Blade rebels oppose… Read More »

New planet in SW:TOR announced

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, a new planet, – called Voss – was announced this week. If you’re not familiar with the planet, but you’re a star wars fan, no need to panic. The planet is a full-new world by BioWare, witk lots of explorable areas.: “Voss is a planet of more questions than answers. Discovered by… Read More »

Tales of Fantasy Beta Keys

At is a closed Beta (Alpha maybe? ) key giveaway for Tales of Fantasy, a 3D MMORPG. There is only 2000 keys left, so claim it fast. “ has been given 3000 closed beta test keys for the new MMORPG by IGG – Tales of Fantasy! The beta test will not officially begin until April 13th at… Read More »

Free Karos Online Gift Key Giveaway

If you play Karos Online, head to and claim your free gift key for these items: “ has been given just 1000 special gift codes for Karos Online. Each of these keys will give the player 50 health potions and 50 mana potions! Get your key while supplies last! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE GIFT KEY!”… Read More »

D&D Online: Update 4: “Sentinels” Now Live, with a Trailer

Turbine has announced that Update 4 for Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited is now live. This latest update features a new adventure pack called “Sentinels”, and some bug fixes, and minor tweaks too. To mark the launch of Update 4, a new trailer has been released.: \"Sentinels\" Full patch notes are here.

Age of Conan – Update 1.07 Now Live with the “Silver Atrium” Expansion teaser

The PvP centric Update 1.07 for Age of Conan is now live. It introduces the “Shrines of Bori”: a new PvP content in the form of guild-focused objective-based outdoor PvP taking place in the Cimmerian End of the Border Kingdoms, plus additional PvP levels (cap is now 10), PvP tokens and new Tier 2 PvP gear. Funcom has… Read More »

Warhammer Online : Game Client Now Free

Mythic Entertainment has announced that players who are looking to subscribe after participating in the free WAR trial will no longer be required to purchase the full game client to continue their adventures. Trial users can simply subscribe and continue the game. If you’re interested you can try it here.

Global Agenda : Free Trial Announced

Yes! You can try Global Agenda for free from now on. Of course, there is some restrictions, like: * Will only be able to level to Level 15 * Will not be able to select their PvP Match Type (all checkmarks are checked) * Will not be able to use Mail, the Auction House, Craft, etc. * Will… Read More »

Lord of the Rings Online™ – Pax Weekend Promotion

Ffrom now until Sunday, the complete Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, Mines of Moria and Siege of Mirkwood will be available for only $9.99 Official news from “SALE! PAX East Weekend Promotion – Get The Lord of the Rings Online™: Siege of Mirkwood™ Complete DIGITAL DOWNLOAD for just $9.99. This deals ends Sunday, March… Read More »

BlizzCon 2010 Announced!

What is Blizzcon? BlizzCon is a celebration of the Warcraft (adn World of Warcraft), StarCraft, and Diablo franchises and the communities that surround them. This two-day event will contain Q&A panels featuring Blizzard Entertainment developers, social events for players and developers to meet one another, hands-on gameplay featuring your favorite Blizzard Entertainment games, casual and competitive tournaments, and… Read More »

D&D Online: Update 4 – Bloodtide Fortress screens

Turbine has released a bunch of “D&D Online: Eberron Unlimited : Update 4: Bloodtide Fortress” screenshots from the new update, which is going to get live sometimes this April. At you can find a lot of the update’s screens from Bloodtie Fortress, so head there for more Some pictures: Oh and BTW, Zombie pirates are still pure… Read More »

EVE Online: Tyrannis with Trailer

Well, set your calendars, because “Tyrannis” is set to launch on May 18th! CCP Games has released the first (teaser) trailer for their upcoming EVE Online free expansion “Tyrannis“. The trailer only clocks in at about a minute long, and while it is certainly a bit short on substance (being a teaser after all) it does reveal something… Read More »

Cataclysm rumours/info with spoilers

Here are some information to all of you World of Warcraft Fans out there. Warning, it contains spoilers. Warchief of the Horde * Thrall will become the next Guardian of Tirisfal. However, Thrall will merely ‘leave Garrosh in charge’ though this does not stop Garrosh from declaring war on the Alliance and fortifying Horde outposts and cities. Inner-Horde… Read More »

Star Trek Online Update

At March 12, 2010 Star Trek Online got a new massive update, so all you Star Trek Fans can load the game, explore the new content.: Season 1: Common Ground Fact Sheet Our latest content update, Season 1: Common Ground, is releasing shortly. Here’s just a bit of the updates we have headed players’ way. Lifetime Subscriber Perks… Read More »

WoW: new mastery system information

News from the next, third World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm: “Last week, we gave you an early look at the changes we’re making to the stat system in WoW: Cataclysm, and explained how these changes will ultimately provide players with more interesting gear choices and make stats easier to understand. Today we’d like to go into more detail… Read More »

LEGO Universe Beta keys

Yes, it’s an unusual MMO game, that brings you in the world of LEGO. If you want to travel back to your childhood, you can do it now, you can sign up for the Beta here. is a big lego fan, we already applied for the keys. “Sign up now for your opportunity to become one of… Read More »

Oath of the Rangers update

The Lord of the Rings Online : Volume III, Book I is Now on a Test Server, so Lotro players like us at can test the fresh update any time when you will. The Bullroarer test server is now host to the Volume III, Book I – Oath of the Rangers update for The Lord of the… Read More »

Global Agenda – started today!

Global Agenda, Hi-Rez Studios spy-fi MMOFPS/RPG, is now live! It features co-op and competitive multiplayer features as part of a one time purchase of the game. Alternatively, players can get a more MMOG like experience by subscribing to Global Agenda: Conquest, which allows them to get involved in the territory control aspect of the game in …