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The Grand Masquerade – A World of Darkness Convention

The Grand Masquerade, a Gala World of Darkness Convention was announced last week. “The Grand Masquerade: In celebration of almost two decades of gaming after dark, White Wolf would like to invite The Camarilla Fan Club, One World By Night, The Elder Kindred Network and all World of Darkness fans past and present to participate in The Grand… Read More »

D&D Player’s Handbook 3 is out!

It’s a D&D Rules Supplement book by Mike Mearls, Rob Heinsoo, and Robert J. Schwalb, contains rules for psionic, divine, and primal heroes. Player’s Handbook 3 expands the range of options available to D&D players with new classes, races, powers, and other material. This book builds on the array of classes and races presented in the Player’s Handbook… Read More »

D&D Encounters starts at March 17

Season one starts at of March. If you didn’t know what D&D Encounter is, head to From the site: “D&D Encounters is an exciting, weekly campaign that plays out one epic encounter at a time. As you defeat enemies, solve puzzles, finish quests, and perform heroic deeds, you’ll earn Renown Points that you can use to… Read More »

Leverage RPG: The Quickstart Job

“Dennis Holland is not a good guy. He’s responsible for bank failures, collapsed mortgages, and dozens of innocent people being forced from their homes. He collects seventies memorabilia. He’s a bad man. And he’s hosting a party. Nathan Ford and his Crew are on the job, but it has to be done fast. Presented as a training exercise… Read More »

Judge Dredd RPG 25% Off at!

What Is Judge Dredd? Judge Dredd is a new setting for the Traveller roleplaying game, in which you take on the role of Mega-City One judges, patrolling the streets astride your Lawmaster bike, ready to defend the city’s civilians against an array of foes. “Mega-City One – a vast metropolis where each of 360 million citizens is a… Read More »

Player’s Handbook 3 is out

Player’s Handbook 3, a D&D Rules Supplement book is out. It contains rules for psionic, divine, and primal heroes, and expands the range of options available to D&D players with new classes, races, powers, and other material. “This book builds on the array of classes and races presented in the Player’s Handbook and Player’s Handbook 2 core rulebooks,… Read More »

Dungeon Tiles: Harrowing Halls – a new D&D product

It contains illustrated cardstock terrain tiles for use with the Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game, so if you want to make the dungeon-crawling more life-like, you can use this any time. “This D&D Roleplaying Game accessory gives Dungeon Masters an easy and inexpensive way to include great-looking terrain in their games. This set provides ready-to-use, configurable tiles and… Read More »


Paterfamilias is the Latest SAS for Requiem for Rome in WoD: Vampire. As a new story in the Storytelling Adventure System for Requiem for Rome, it contains a collection of scenes, Storyteller character records, a number of hyperlinks to various portions of the text as well as bookmarks, so you can always jump right to what you need… Read More »

Manual of Exalted Power: The Alchemicals

A new Exalted PDF, an personal favorite, is now available at From the site: “Designed by the Great Maker Autochthon before the Primordial War, the Alchemical templates inspired the Exalts fielded by the Incarnae against their creators. Yet, during that war, Autochthon heard the Great Curse directed by his slain Primordial brethren. As the First Age… Read More »

D&D – Martial Power 2 is out

An another D&D Rules Supplement book ( by Richard Baker ) is out today, the Martial Power 2. It contains a lot of new options for fighters, rangers, rogues, and warlords, so if you’re interested in one of these class, you know what to do. From the official site: “Sharpen your sword and tighten your bow! This must-have… Read More »

Thousand Correct Actions – Exalted

Another Exalted Add-on has been released by White Wolf this week, the Thousand Correct Actions. Some information presented by “This abridged version of The Thousand Correct Actions of the Upright Soldier contains wisdom sufficient for the enlisted or conscripted mortal soldier, distilling the Five Elemental Wisdoms of the martial era in which it was originally recorded. It… Read More »

D&D Experience – January 28th-31st

Wizards of the Coast’s officially sponsored all-D&D show is D&D Experience. Held January 28th-31st this year, the show gives you exclusive sneak peeks, amazing access to Wizards D&D staff members, and in-game previews of the hottest D&D products months before their release! Visit the D&D Experience website, or for more information. For those unable to attend the… Read More »

Cthulhu 101

Do You Know Cthulhu? “No?!? Never fear! Cthulhu 101 lets you in on the mystery, and lays it all out in the open. From “How do you pronounce Cthulhu?” to the 8 Best Cthulhoid Board Games, Cthulhu 101 has most of the questions, and all of the answers. Do you know the shocking truth about Hastur? Which Elder… Read More »

Underdark for D&D 4th

From Rob Heinsoo and Andy Collins, the Underdark – D&D 4th edition supplement,’s old time favorite Forgotten Realms add-on is out. Do you want to descend into the depths of the world? To explore the Dark Caverns beneath Faerun? “No realm in the D&D world stirs the imagination like the Underdark. This vast subterranean domain holds thousands… Read More »

Deadlands – Saddle Sore expansion

When we’re playing some pen & paper, the travelling is allways boring, the random encounters are too “cheap” for us. But now can cure this problem: When your heroes need to get somewhere particular, once in a while you want more than just random encounters along the way. Saddle Sore, a new PDF adventure by Paul “Wiggy”… Read More »

Essentials for D&D 4th Edition?

So what would a true fan say, if he ran into a person that was interested in Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, but was put off by the number of books available? Which ones are needed to play? If you browse the available books there is a ton of material from Wizards of the Coast, and it… Read More »

Geist: The Sin-Eaters

Sin-Eaters know that their strange existence is a complicated one. They stand at the crossroads between life and death and endure all the complications of both. But there are others, desperate for something to believe in, who believe that a Sin-Eater’s bond with her geist is a blessed state of unification and a triumph over the limitations of… Read More »