Night’s Black Agents is a new roleplaying game about spies, in a world filled with vampires is available for pre-order from Pelgrane Press. The characters are agents, who comes to realize : they worked for vampires in the past…

   Pelgrane Press just made availble for pre-order a new, interesting roleplaying game based on their GUMSHOE rules: Night’s Black Agents. It’s basically a spy-thriller game, combining the paranoia of the spy setting with supernatural horrors.

  The GUMSHOE rule system by Robin D Laws was created with investigations in mind, so for now the characters won’t depend on lucky rolls to get needed clues for their investigations in any campaign.

  Based on the premise of the book, the players will be cold war veterans, secret agents, who worked for unknown contractors since the cold war ended. They didn’t think that it matters, who is behind the curtain. But it’s what really matters. Developer, Kenneth Hite said the following about the feel of the setting :

“Imagine the movie Ronin. All the shadowy figures you never see, the ones running the whole show, are vampires. Your characters — the Robert de Niros and Jean Renos — are blissfully unaware of this fact. Until the mask slips, and they find out. And the vampires have found out that you’ve found out. Now it’s the Bourne trilogy. Game on.”

  I have to say, I think it’s rather interesting, at least! Especially because Ronin is one of my favorite films. But, I have even more good news regarding the game.

  We won’t only receive several different kind of conspirations regarding vampires in Night’s Black Agents, we receive several different types of vampires too. Clever Game Master could include one or more of them in their campaign, as they could be parabiological or supernatural, with different vulnerabilities for example.

  There are many rules for a creative Game Master in Night’s Black Agents: they could kit-bash new conspiracies, vampire types, minions. They could fine-tune the setting too, with the level of betrayal, grit and action in their games.

Overall, it could be a potentially promising title. It1 probably worth to keep an eye on the project.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros