Based on their website, Pinnacle licensed the Savage Worlds rules for a new game set based on the Ancient World. The new set is titled Olympian Breed, and it’s released by Palewolf Publishing.

  Whilie it’s called a new setting by Pinnacle, realistically it’s only a series of adventures set in the ancient times. There is currently two products are available for Olympian Breed: a brief Setting Primer & Character Creation Guide, and the first adventure Act One: The Gathering of Heroes. Interestingly it seems that they don’t plan to publish a complete book about the setting, only a series of adventures. Maybe they think that everybody is well trained in greek mythology, or they plan to include information in the adventures themselves, I don’t know.

  In the Setting Primer& Character Creation Guide we receive the most basic information for character generation. To use the rules we will need the Savage Worlds, Deluxe Edition core rules, as well as the Super Powers Companion and the Fantasy Companion. The player characters in the setting are demigods, which is represented by a new Edge, Blessing of the Gods, and we also receive a new thematic Hindance, Destiny (Major).

  We get some short information about the setting too, but a half page of text and a somewhat blurry full page map is nothing to write home about. In the book we also receive a short list about available equipment, however when I read that a dory spear cost $100 I think it’s somewhat out of place. Using some kind of coins would be much more plausible than USD I guess. The good thing is that is the Setting Primer & Character Creation Guide completely free.

  I couldn’t take a look at the Olympian Breed – Act One: The Gathering of Heroes adventure yet, but I can share some information about it based on the available review. As the author explain it here, the adventure is short, but he think it’s really good. However, he notes that some of the free adventures by Pinnacle are even better, or at least longer and better detailed. At least they decreased the price from $4,99 (which was ridiculous) to a much more reasonable $2,99.

All in all, I’m not sure if I should recommend this product, however since it’s relatively cheap you may take a look if you are interested in the campaign.

You may download the Setting Primer & Character Creation Guide here, and you may purchase the Olympian Breed – Act One: The Gathering of Heroes adventure here.

For additional information you may check the homepage of Palewolf Publishing.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros