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5 best songs of Game of Thrones 2

5. SANSA’S HYMN by Karliene 4. THE DRAGONS DAUGHTER – Game of Thrones Tribute Remix by Musicsheep 3. DRAGON QUEEN

Dungeons & Dragons: a documentary trailer 0

Have you heard of the Dungeons and Dragons Documentary that was started on kickstarter? With being well funded, I can

Geek Seekers – A Kickstarter campaign by Jen Page and Monte Cook! 0

  Two well-known uber-geeks, Jen Page and Monte Cook are ready to take a perilous journey to look after things

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6Quest is back – and it’s prettier than ever 0

In the past few months we have been working hard on our very own interactive story game: 6Quest. This resulted in an app that is now available for free in

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Drinking Quest 3 – Nectar of the Gods 1

  I haven’t had the chance to get around to a full review of Drinking Quest 2, but I assure you it was worth it. With each series this card-rpg-drinking

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Magic the Gathering: Planechase 2012 – new information revelead 6

In November Wizards of the Coast announced that on this June they will continue their Magic the Gathering : Planechase

Take a look at Magic the Gathering: Avacyn Restored! 3

   The world of Innistrad is changed, and humanity now has a chance of survival as Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Magic : The Gathering Toolbox – the first mobile App from Wizards 0

   Yesterday Wizards of the Coast announced, that they enter the mobile market with their first software already available at

Take a look at Magic the Gathering: Dark Ascension! 1

  As you may already know, the new Magic the Gathering expansion, Dark Ascension is very close to release, with

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