I think it’s time for a caption contest, don’t you?

Winner gets a one-of a kind custom no-prize. Have at it! Like Unlike

Plastic Crack is Wack!

As I’ve said before , miniatures in my games a relatively new addition, only since 2001 when we started playing Dungeons & Dragons 3 rd edition. I was not weaned into gaming through minis; I did not migrate from wargames to RPGs, instead I jumped right into gaming and was pretty much self-taught, so I never used miniatures. In fact I resisted! When D&D 3 rd edition came out I realized the …

The Pitch: Graphic Designers Board Game

The Pitch is a game by a graphic designer Fatimah Kabba , for graphic designers. And it is, no surprise, a beautiful physical design. See the first link for more pictures. The Pitch is a “one person judges” game. Each player participates on every round, with a short time to both create a graphic design idea based on a product and pitch it to the judge. Rules available on the…

Pathfinder Prepainted Plastic

Paizo and WizKids have announced that they will produce a (non-random) set of prepainted plastic miniatures to go along with the Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box . While sold separately, the set is specifically designed as an accessory to the introductory Pathfinder RPG product. On the other hand, I know at least a few D&D players who are hoping that Paizo and WizKids will extend the line, to…

Lord of Chess, The Fashion Collection

Lord of Chess is a fashion collection for men and boys from grandmaster Arkadij Naiditsch and designer Sascha Wagener. The collection includes clothing and watches with chess themes. Where is the women’s collection, you ask? I found what appears to be a related site on Spreadshirt , a German make-your-own online shop.

Not your typical two-weapon combo

Longsword and Voulge. Well, it could catch on. Voulge from the wonderful Classic Pole Arm s pack – which is this week’s DAZ3D freebie. Thank you, DAZ! Like Unlike

Played “A Penny for my Thoughts” with the after-school club

Today we tried out Paul Tevis’s A Penny for My Thoughts at the gaming club and the students really liked it. The game was a little slow getting started, and like many of these games I had to act as both a player and facilitator to demonstrate and model how the storytelling process worked, but the players all picked it up reasonably fast. The biggest challenge was…

Web Clip Wednesday and Happy Geek Pride Day

It’s Geek Pride Day and searched high and low for something good for Geek Pride/Towel Day. And what better than a geeky parody of Rebecca Black’s Friday. So Don’t Panic and May the Force be with you. I know I plan on doing some sort geeky relaxation today if it kills me.

Paizo and WizKids Announce New Minis Line!

Just got this press release in my inbox. Paizo and WizKids have announced a new Pathfinder pre-painted plastic minis line. Since the end of D&D Miniatures, I’ve wondered if anyone was going to step up and do this. Turns out, someone did. No pricing has been announced, but they should be out sometime this fall.  Here’s a link to…

A Meeting in the Bends – New Pathfinder Fiction (from my campaign setting)

Original Image for Scavengers logo by: zen zen Sutherland A few weeks ago, I told you guys about Joseph Devon, an author friend of mine . Well, I have introduced him to the dark and inescapable time sink that is playing RPGs. We had our first session of  a new Pathfinder campaign on Sunday and he was inspired by what we did. So inspired, in fact, that …

Why I’m Probably Joining The RPG Blog Alliance or The Martians Are A Very Happy People, They Have No Lawyers

This is my little post following up last night’s rant. Things have been straightened out to put it simply. First, I want take this moment and apologize to Jeff over at RPGBA if I caused any headaches. And with a little thought maybe I should have waited longer to do that little rant. But it’s

NightSky Review

Once in a while you have a need for a game to entertain you for an hour or two. If I’m travelling and I have few hours extra time, I am usually too tired to focus on heavier games be it strategy or rpgs. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, casual games

Ask The Readers: What is your favorite “noir” RPG?

Last weekend I have played L.A. Noire the latest video game created by Rockstar Games and Team Bondi. The game tells the story of LAPD detective and WW2 hero Cole Phelps. It’s set into the late 1940s and shares a lot of tropes with movies from the “film noir” genre. And as it is often the case playing the video game made me think …

Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple raises $24k+ on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for Daniel Solis’s game Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple finished up last night having raised $24,383 which is about six times what he originally set out to raise. Check out the page here .

Paper Money #50: We’re not dead! iPad Board Games, News of the Weird and more…

Well, just as everyone is starting Summer Vacation, Ben and Rett are back to work after Real Life cruelly intruded on them. That said, they’re tanned and ready! First up, iPad Board Games in the News and then, News of the Weird. Lots of odd game tidbits in the news this week – including a couple Ben worked with (bit never printed). …

Why I’m Probably Not Joining The RPG Blog Alliance or The Cautionary Tale of the Human Centipad

I could also call this post, “Why I probably won’t be welcome at the RPG Blog Alliance.” or “How I draw the ire of some of the most popular RPG bloggers out there.” So if you’ve been under a rock the last couple of days, there’s a new RPG blogging community, The RPG Blog Alliance,

You stand before a large panel of switches and dials. What do you do?

Picture the scene. Wall-to-wall dials, switches, knobs and twiddly things. There’s no one else in the room. Just you. I give it 15 seconds tops before every single one of us will reach out a hand to one dial at random and give it a tweak. Then another, and another – small changes at first then an unremitting frenzy of dial-spinning joyous lunacy. We’re gamers. We’re built like…

Game Bandit—Story for a Tablet Edition

Tell DriveThruRPG about your character . Prizes for the best stories include an Android tablet computer and gift certificates of $25-$100. Through the end of May, you can get a free NASA add-on deck with the purchase of You’ve been Sentenced from McNeill Designs. Use coupon code “NASA”. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the ebook release of The Book…

Wizards of S.W.I.N.G.

I admit that for along I really didn’t care about FATE. I looked at the Spirit of the Century stuff and scanned through the SRD and thought meh. But then came the Dresden Files RPG. If you’ve been here more than a couple of times then you know I’m big Jim Butcher and urban fantasy

Dabong, or UNO with Addition and Subtraction

Dabong is a shedding card game from sggc Astute Games, much like UNO. The addition is that you can play several cards of the same suit at once if they add or subtract to the value of the current card. If you can play all your remaining cards this way, you can even do this out of turn. Oddly, the face cards (such …