Paizo Publishing will have it’s yearly PaizoCon 2012 from July 6th to 8th at Redmond. While the very first PaizoCon was about 50 people, it has grown much bigger through the years, and now it will be even greater than ever.

  For those few folks who don’t know Paizo Publishing : it’s a very successful publisher of fantasy roleplaying games, boardgames, accessories and novels. Their Pathfinder RPG is a revered improvement for the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 system, and their GameMastery product line offers a lots of useful and high quality (but sometimes costly) accessories for Game Masters, which are usable for different RPG systems.

  They have a lots of thing planned for PaizoCon 2012. Participants could meet and play with authors, artists, publishers, and designers from the gaming industry. They could also get a peek at  current and incoming releases on product previews and on different seminars and workshops.

  There will be a Paizo Preview Banquet show, where upcoming Paizo and Pathfinder products will be discussed, as well as some “super-secret” will be revealed. Participants could chat with Paizo staffand other hobby industry personal through the banquet. I think the only bad side of this part of PaizoCon 2012 that it’s cost an extra $20 above the 3-day badge, and it has a limited availability, at a maximum attendees. Tickets are sold as a first come – first serve basis.

  There are many surprises not yet revealed : Who will be the PaizoCon 2012 special guests ? What are the new PaizoCon exclusives ?  What are the secret projects ? Maybe we will know these information in time.

  Potential attendees should note that there is no seperate badges available, if somebody don’t want to attend at all 3 days at PaizoCon 2012.  It’s also an important information, that Redmond Town Center Marriott Hotel offers a decreased price for rooms to participants.

You may get additional information at the PaizoCon 2012 site here, or you may check the FAQ here.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros