Paizo released two new sourcebooks to appease eager Pathfinder fans. these are a new campaign setting, Dragon Empires Gazetteer, and Bestiary 3, a sourcebook filled with more than 300 monsters and creatures.

  Two new releases are available from Paizo for their Pathfinder roleplaying-game : the Pathfinder Campaign Setting : Dragon Empires Gazetteer and the brand new Bestiary 3 sourcebook. Both of the books are greatly expand upon the game, and they will surely enrich more than one campaign.

   As the name implies, the Pathfinder Campaign Setting : Dragon Empires Gazetteer offers an entirely new setting to potential players. It’s includes the continent of Tian Xia, which stretches from the polar ice in the north to the equator. It’s consist  detailed information about more than two dozen regions, inspired by Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and other asian mythologies, while other are entirely new to the setting.

  The Dragon Empire Gazetteer also offers five new playable races and an entirely new pantheon to use in the game. The new races are the birdlike tengus, reptilian nagaji, shapechanging foxlike kitsune, reincarnated spiritualists known as samsarans, and the shadowy masters of trickery called the wayang.

  On the other hand, Bestiary 3 offers hordes of new monsters to Pathfinder players. There are more than 300 entries, and while there are many completely new, a whole lot of them based on different mythologies. The brave valkyres and the elusive kappa or the helpful lammasus both found their place in the book, as well many (maybe even more obscure) monsters too.

  Player characters receive several new playable races like the canny ratfolk, and the genie-blooded sulis. They could also find several new helpful creatures, which they coud train, summon or construct, including new familiars and animal companions.

  We also receive several new templates and variants to modify creatures, and some appendices to help us to navigate between monsters.

We already seen multiple previews from Bestiary 3 :

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All in all, both products seems promising based on what we know, and I hope I could check out these books soon.They are both available on : Bestiary 3 could be found here, while Dragon Empires Gazetteer is available here. Pdf releases will be availabe at 21th of December.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros