So I’ve seen these spring up a bit, and thought this was definitely worth the look. Divinity, as we recently mentioned in a previous article here  will be releasing their remastered Divinity Anthology, and for a limited time (Six days left as of this post!) you can choose what you pay. That’s right, it’s your choice.

I saw this, and figured I should jump in and see what it’s all about, so I head on over to and immediately I’m interested, the lowest I can pay is $1 and that will get you a minimum of “Divine Divinity” with a few goodies, sounds great. Pay above $7.33 and you get Beyond Divinity, and their “Top Supporter” package is above $14.31 where you will get Divinity II Developers cut and, of course, goodies. The games altogether would usually be sold for a total of $32 and obviously are offering this limited deal.

So I sign up. The moment I sign up I get an email with my “Purchase Information”, purchase, I hadn’t made a purchase yet? I go into it and BAM I see this list full of free games they just gave to me, Dragonsphere, Lure of the Temptress, Ultima 4, and multiple others, totaling up to 9 free games just for signing up. So honestly, even if you only pay $1 you are getting 10 games just for rummaging through your pocket for laundry money to support these guys. The bundle will go on until 01:00 AM GMT, 18 October 2012 and you can get it here.

Some of the goodies that come with this are art books, soundtracks, extra videos, and they say depending on how many people will support Larian’s bundle there could be rare content that will become available, so we can look forward to their secret surprise!

Anyone who purchases the full anthlogy will get early access to this re-mastered edition of Divinity II a day before it is released anywhere else.