You bet that’s what it is! IndieGala10  has it’s PayWhatYouWant for about 11 games, and you only have to beat the “average”, at this point is about $5.11. So for less than six bucks you can bag yourself about 9 steam games and 2 DRM free games.

The DRM Free games are Omegaladon and Praetorians, with a minimum of $1 get also Steam keys for Majesty2 and East India Company.

Beat the average to get also Steam keys for:
Lead and Gold
Elven Legacy
Knights of Honor
Hearts of Iron II
Europa Universalis: Rome Gold Edition

Some of the money will also go to charity, but at this rate with all these I’m going to have more games than I can handle by the end of the months. In the second week there is a promise for 2 secret titles and various other goodies, so I guess its time to see if there’s anymore change in my couch! Happy gaming.