Another Pay WhatYouWant bundle from Indiegala?

By on October 22, 2012

You bet that’s what it is! IndieGala10  has it’s PayWhatYouWant for about 11 games, and you only have to beat the “average”, at this point is about $5.11. So for less than six bucks you can bag yourself about 9 steam games and 2 DRM free games.

The DRM Free games are Omegaladon and Praetorians, with a minimum of $1 get also Steam keys for Majesty2 and East India Company.

Beat the average to get also Steam keys for:
Lead and Gold
Elven Legacy
Knights of Honor
Hearts of Iron II
Europa Universalis: Rome Gold Edition

Some of the money will also go to charity, but at this rate with all these I’m going to have more games than I can handle by the end of the months. In the second week there is a promise for 2 secret titles and various other goodies, so I guess its time to see if there’s anymore change in my couch! Happy gaming.


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At a young age my mother owned a gaming store, she always let me be apart of running it in my own way, and even before that I sat at the dnd table with the adults eating the dice and stomping on figurines. Gaming and tabletop rpgs are in my blood, to this day I've grown up to get into a relationship with a man aspiring to write the next big tabletop game. Some things you're good at, other things, you're born with!

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