Total Party Kill Games will release The Sinister Secrets of Silvermote, a new Pathfinder adventure for 7th level characters, early this December. Adventurers descending into Silvermote, a secret lair and laboratory for the infamous elven lich Temerlyth.

  The Sinister Secrets of Silvermote will be the first full adventure by Total Party Kill Games this year. Due to release early in December, it will be a a complete 64 page dungeon-crawl adventure,  which lead to much more danger than the characters may recognize beforehand.

  The character will be led somewhat blindly to Silvermote, the laboratory, secret lair, and base of operations of the elven lich, Temerlyth. The adventure is full with dangers, with traps, curses and a legion of dangerous foes like drows, undead, lycantropes and much more. Depending on the publisher’s notes, character death is NOT a distant possibility, but something which quite probably will happed during the adventure.

  Temerlyth, the owner and creator of Silvermote is already detailed in an earlier product from Total Party Kill, in the short sourcebook Infamous Adversaries: Temerlyth the Undying. This resource is not needed for the adventure, but the Game Master could receive a lots of background information from this book.

  In short, the now dreaded Temerlyth was a very promising elven alchemist/enchanter, who wanted to defend his elven house and people from the threat of werewolves a long time ago. He created Silvermote as a fortress and a laboratory to find a permanent solution to get rid of all lycanthropes, but his people died to the savages regardless. Somewhere durng this time he turned himself into a lich, and also became mad, now having only a single purpose: revenge. Accompanied by his now undead family, his undying hateed against lycanthropes drive him to make unspeakable experiments, and ki is a very real threat.

  But back on the adventure, characters this time won’t face Temerlyth himself, which is quite appropriate, since he is CR 16. The base setting for the adventure assumes that the player characters are level 7, but adjustments up to level 12 gaming groups is already included in the book. Light hearted game master may decide to use the book as the player character would be 1-2 level lower than actually are, especially if the players are inexperienced, because some of the encounters are quite brutal. Even entering the crypt is a CR 11 encounter with the Grey Lord! (an undead wood giant ranger)

The Sinister Secrets of Silvermore is maybe not for everyone, as for a first look it’s just a classic dungeon crawling adventure, albeit a very challenging one. However, considering the background material, it could be included into a campaign, especially if a somewhat darker mood is welcome in your playing group.

The book is not released yet, but you may check the publishers preview here, or you may purchase Infamous Adversaries: Temerlyth the Undying here.

If you interested in other works of Total Party Kill Games, you may check the – completely free – Infamous Adversaries: Slogar the Uncaring here.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros