What does PS4 and Xbox One mean for the future of RPGs?

By on June 19, 2013

With every new Console we see a wave of new games, and if we like it or not even for us PC gamers often times the console market can affect the games that hit our computers. It’s much more profitable for them to hit cross-platform than to release on one platform alone.

RPGs seemed to have a bit of a “decline” on the PS3/Xbox 360, now yes the games got prettier but I saw a distinct lack in the amount of RPGs, I was extremely disappointed especially knowing that back in ps2 and xbox days you could count on the playstation for RPG’s and the Xbox for shooters and sports, some of the other types of games. This stereo type didn’t hold so true in PS3.

However, skimming through the PS4 up coming games, I feel a bit more energetic, more RPG titles to be released than I have seen in a good long time, albeit some of these titles are MMORPGs it is a step in the right direction.

We’re going to see Final Fantasy XV coming out on PS4, not heard of it yet? Well that’s because this is Final Fantasy 13 Versus rebranded, same game, different name.

The Elder Scrolls online, an MMO that many Elder Scrolls fans have both been anticipating and dreading, depending on your mode, should also be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One along with another MMO, Final Fantay XIV Online: A Realm Reborn, which seems to be a rather fun game.

Kingdom Hearts III a game some people have waited for and are extremely excited for, following up more the first two games Sora seems to be in this one. Though some people have a few qualms with it hitting both the PS4 and The Xbox One.

Thief, although more of an adventure game it is a sequel to the previous Thief: Gold and Thief: Deadly Shadows games, where you play..you guessed it. A Thief! Garret, and a rather good one at that. These games are notorious for being extremely difficult, full of detail, and extremely fun. If you liked Dishonored, then you are in for a treat.

Deep Down has been an extremely interesting looking game to me, using Capcom’s “Codename: Panta Rhei” engine. However there is a chance this game was purely for demo, however hopefully we can get a high enough demand up for this awesome looking RPG, with heavily armored men and beautiful graphics as the dragon sieges them. It seems like classic medieval fantasy and we must have it!

Diablo III is also coming to Ps4! As well as PS3, but the console version has all new controls and includes a four-player single-screen co-op mode. It’s about time we got some new multiplayer RPGs out on console!

Other than all these the Final Fantasy Project and the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt seems to be coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

And as an Xbox Exclusive as usual the new Dragon Age: Inquisition will be coming to the Xbox One.

What RPGS would you like to see on the new consoles? A remake, something new, or a sequel? I personally would love to see something to do with Legend of Dragoon.

About Lady Rukiara

At a young age my mother owned a gaming store, she always let me be apart of running it in my own way, and even before that I sat at the dnd table with the adults eating the dice and stomping on figurines. Gaming and tabletop rpgs are in my blood, to this day I've grown up to get into a relationship with a man aspiring to write the next big tabletop game. Some things you're good at, other things, you're born with!


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  2. Danjah32

    December 8, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    Legend of Legaia… Remake the first one or a sequel/ spin off from the first. Lets just forget the first one ever happened lol

  3. free classifieds

    December 17, 2013 at 2:42 am

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  4. Wishweaver

    January 2, 2014 at 3:52 am

    Would love to see the old eqoa brought to ps4

  5. Boone Justicius

    January 12, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    “And as an Xbox Exclusive as usual the new Dragon Age: Inquisition will be coming to the Xbox One.” – Dragon Age has never been an exclusive to Xbox. Both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II came out the same day for Xbox 360 and PS3. Unless something really weird happens during development then Dragon Age: Inquisition will come out for all systems on the same day too.

    When I looked last, which actually was before this article was writen, there were 50-60 RPGs for both the 360 and PS3. That’s not exactly a “distinct lack” of RPGs.

    It’s funny you include FF XV given that nothing shown about it even indicates it’s an RPG. It looks like nothing more than a DMC/GOW clone.

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