Quarriors! Rise of the Demons is the first expansion to the successful  Quarriors! dice building game, bringing new types of dice, more player vs player interaction and eternal corruption to the title (with an epic goo-burst)

  Today is the awaited release day for the first expansion to the Quarriors! dice-building game: Quarriors! Rise of the Demons. As the name implies, it’s about demons rising up, to corrupt the not-so-peaceful setting of the game.

    Quarriors! created a great deal of interest with it’s release earlier this year. It’s designers, Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang looked at the very successful deck-building genre of games, and decided to do something new, using dice instead of cards for their game. What we received is a fast paced and easy to grasp light game.

  Compared to the deck building games Quarriors! have an unique fun gaming experience. The use of dice instead of cards causes a bigger random factor, witch both it’s boon and bane : it causes a lots of memorable moments with “OMG” factor, but some of the players dislike the double-random factor of the game. (double random, because it’s random what dice do you roll, and of course the roll random too)

  I have to admit, that I’m a great fan of the game, so I was very interested if they could successfully bring something noteworthy in Rise of the Demons.  It seems yes, they were able to include a lot of new things in just a small expansion.

What do we get in the box ?

 20 new dice

  • 10 Corrupted Quiddity die
  • 5 Demon die
  • 5 Corrupted Spell die

19 new card

  • 1 Corrupted Quiddity card
  • 4 Demon cards
  • 4 Corrupted Spell cards
  • 10 Creature cards, for corrupted versions of the 10 base set creatures

  The inclusion of a new basic dice-type is a great game changer. First, this is the first kind of dice, that you would never put into your own dice-pool for it’s effect. Otherwise, it don’t have a cost associated with it : it can’t be purchased, only gained after some effects. Using corrupted spells could cause to get some Corrupted Quiddity to your pool, while you could gift give them to other players by some new effects. And it’s don’t end here, because the dice itself could bring more of it’s kind with a triple-burst.

  The two new type is also interesting : the Demon is the first level 4 creature in the game, and with a maximum 10 attack power it’s a real powerhouse. The Corrupted Spell  on the other hand could have some powerful effects, but it’s corrupt you for it’s power.

  We also receive some new mechanics : dice now could be permanently removed from the game, players could receive negative Glory points, and triple boost. It is hinted, that the use of the triple boost instead of single/double receive a new meaning in a future expansion.

All in all, it’s a very interesting addition, and I can’t wait to get my copy as soon as possible.

Quarriors! Come out and play !

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros