There are many times, when a Game Master need some extra material, which is not included in the sourcebooks he has. Maybe he needs a complete village as a setting for his campaign, maybe some NPC ideas, or some background to take his campaign to a higher level. Or maybe some softwares to make Game Mastering much easier. We help to find these resources.

Welcome in the first section in our Resource Chest !

As any Game Master could tell, we couldn’t have enough sources for a role-playing game campaign. We always need new maps, characters, places and adventure hooks to keep going. Luckily while we have the demand, we also have a thousands and thousands of resource books, web enchantments, fan sites and online tools to help us out. But do we find what we need and decide what to use ?

From week to week I will recommend useful and easily available materials what a Game Master could use in his campaign. I will focus mainly on cheap or even free additions, and useful sites from all around the Internet. I hope, you could use this collection for good effect. So, without further ado, let’s see, what can I recommend for now.

Bad Dogs & Bad Elves

These two mini-expansions gives us some additional subraces and backdrop information on gnolls and elves. The good news, that both of these are usable with any fantasy setting where this races appear, and they could be a nice addition for a campaign world. The Bad Elves expansion gives as two new subraces, the black elves (they are mostly city-dwelling scholars) and the hardy blue (steel) elves, while Bad Dogs have four different type of the gnoll race.

I find the later much more useful, because now these folks are not threated as only easy to slay hordes to face the PC-s, but they have various backgrounds and motivations from the aggressive Grig to the samanic Inwahe and the Puningi horseback riders. You could grab both of these at DriveThruRPG at low cost.


Torn World fantasy villages – Misty Bog & Gullwash

Towns are villages are needed for almost any fantasy campaign, and you need a lot of them if the PC-s are moving around a lot. Misty Bog is a copper mining community, set place in a dangerous area.  It is mostly ruled by the clerics of the community instead of the boyar, who is the official leader. On the other hand, Gullwash is a fortified merchant village, woth not less than 6 trading houses in a single settlement.

While both of these were intended for the Torn World setting, they are bot useful for a generic fantasy or historical campaign. You could find all basic data for both of these on the Torn World website (links : Gullwash, Misty Bog) from government to economical informations and also a detailed map. Hi-resouliton maps are also available on


D20 Cartographer – Graveyard and Church Map Pack

Sometimes we don’t need a map about a full settlement, just a building and it’s immediate surroundings. Ideally, it should be very detailed, since the players will explore every single corner,a dn maybe fight enemies in here and there. What could be a better example to this, than a graveyard near to a church ?

This well detailed map pack consist not less than 7 maps in standard 1 inch grid : a base map  (48×36 inch), 3 maps about the temple interior, and additional 3 about the grave keeper’s shack, the mausoleum, and  the crypt. You get these nicely detailed maps both in high-contrast b&w and in ful-color, so no matter what printer you have. They also support Virtual Table Top (VTT) systems, and they included everything like objects and a cleared map for such usage.

It’s also available on DriveThruRPG, here : Graveyard and Church Map Pack

I hope you will be able to use our collection.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros