On 1st of April Rite Publishing released another nice addition to the Pathfinder roleplaying-game : 101 Magus Feats. Counting Secrets of the Magus it’s the second of their supplements about this excellent class, and they add even more options to those players who like to play this already adaptable class.

   So what we receive now ? This 31-page long supplement contain 101 feats for the Magus class, to enchant many of the already publisher archetypes (both Paizo and third party like Super Genius Games) as well as the core class. It’s an interesting twist that many of these could be used as a Magus Arcana too, and if I’m not mistaken this became a new norm for Rite Publishing’s class-based products for the last few releases.

   Overall I like the great number of options presented in this new book, but I think there are few problems here and there regarding game balance.

The good

   As I already mentioned there are a great number of new and interesting options between our new 101 feats. For example the Kensai could wound enemies from 30 feet in the first round of combat with his mystical strike, and the Hexcrafter gains some nice curses. Among the curse-feats you could find one of my favorites from the book : Sinister Harbringer, which i a mobile curse, lookong like an illusionary sinister creature of shadow and decreasing your opponents AC while stay near.

   Or I can mention the Myrmidach ability to hit multiple opponents with a ranged spellstrike, or the Skirnir‘s multiple defensive options. Or I could talk about the nice stuff the archetypes from Super Genius Games own – Ultimate Options: New Magus Arcana receive.

   Of course, there are many feats available for all members of the Magus class, including the ability to petrify foes, or bestow some profane bonuses to allies, Odin Sleep (I don’t spoil this one for you) and two feats dealing with the True Name of other beings. Overall there are many interesting and powerful options here!

The Bad

   As I sad at the beginning, I think there are some game balance issues in the book. For example the ability to potentially shut down an opposing spellcaster with a single strike and 1 point from the Arcane Pool is too much for me, even if it’s limited to 17th+ level magi. Of course, on that level they could use Disintegration to “simply” slay their foe, but that’s only 2/day (if they memorized that spell) and not 10+/day.

   Speaking about the Arcane Pool, I think that now it’s too easy to regain points of it with the new feats. I think it’s a limited resource for a reason, and regaining 3-4 or even more points to it multiple times a day is too much. I think maybe Alchemical Arcana the worst in this regard, enabling to neutralize the Bomb (very essential) class ability of the Alchemist class for multiple turns AND regain points of Arcane Pool as an immediate action and without any saving throw for the Alchemist. Honestly, I think neutralizing a very essential and iconic class ability without any chance from the opponent to overcome is not a good thing to do. With Alchemical Arcana you may also gain Arcane Pool points from magic potions, but I think that’s OK.

   Also, there are some feats with unclear mechanics, like the Weapon/Staff Assimiliation, where I’m not sure what happens with the assimilated items. I think they get destroyed in the process (in that case these are very interesting and useful feats), but I’m not entirely sure.

Final Words

   After reading through the book I feel that we again received a lots of interesting character options and iconic abilities to improve upon our gaming experience. I’m pretty sure that most people who like the Magus class will enjoy this book too. It’s only the balance issues and the few unclear things which keeps me from giving it maximum points, so I give it 4/5 in the end.

For those who are interested in 101 Magus Feats (PFRPG) it’s available on DriveThruRPG on this link.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros