Review – FotTS Gobseck Vaultwright, Meister of the Golden Anvil

Review – FotTS Gobseck Vaultwright, Meister of the Golden Anvil
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   A new NPC supplement arrived from Rite Publishing to continue their Faces of Tarnished Souk series : FotTS Gobseck Vaultwright, Meister of the Golden Anvil. The new NPC is no other, than the personal banker of the Khan of Nightmares.

The character

   Gobseck Vaultwright is a very powerful – both in combat or with his financial/political powers – and tragic character at the same time. While he is a ruthless banker his true love’s betrayal left him heartbroken and cold. As his specialty he has a living vault, filled with riches (both his own and for his business partners)

   On it’s recommended version Gobseck is an air-infused smoke duergar fighter (unbreakable) 3/magister 16, CR 20 creature. Of course, as always we receive several versions of him, ranging from CR 6 up to CR 23.

   Speaking about the recommended version, it’s a very powerful character, but I think it’s appropiate for his CR. He has a lots of spellcasting power and Channel Positive Energy from hos Magister levels and Feats, and he also has some interesting abilities like a breath attack and some unique resistances.

Equipment and other assets

   In it’s base the character’s weapon, his most powerful equipment, Cheater’s Bane is equal to an adamantine magic weapon with a +8 enchantment bonus with multiple additions. It’s special Greater Bane ability works against “cheaters” and also triggers a Daylight and a Faerie Fire effect, and also a new weapon enchantment, equal to a +6 enchantment bonus.  In a long battle this weapon could provide up to +16 attack and an extra 4d6+16 damage with improved critical range, so I’m not sure that is should cost less than a +10 weapon. His helm is also a very interesting and powerful item, but I don’t ant to spoil all the fun things!

   Interestingly I find his much cheaper magic item the Day Ring much more problematic, as I think such item should not exist, especially not for this cheap cost. It’s basically a cheap item to completely negate light sensitivity. With it’s cost at only 1500 gp I think most medium to high level light sensitive character would have one.

   There is one thing I find really problematic in the book : the Vault of the Golden Anvil itself. Why ? Well, maybe because it’s a CR 33 construct (created by a CR 20 character), so it’s equal or greater than many already published Demon Lords and Arch-Devils, and at +8 CR compared to the dreaded Tarrasque.  The most ridiculous part is, that it has a TPK ability (area Imprisonment) with a DC 58 Will save. Ouch.

Additional content

   The book also features several new weapon and armor properties, feats, some new spells and some creature templates. I think most of these thing are really good, but I think Exemplar Creature is too powerful for even as a +3 template.

   From the additional content I think I will surely use the Zone of Parley spell, as it’s really appropriate for many encounters. Feats like Cosmopolitan, Prodigy or Stone-Faced are really good to personalize many non-combat oriented characters.

Final words

   I think Gobseck Vaultwright is an interesting character, who could fill many roles in a campaign. On the other hand several things (especially the Vault) is not something I could really get behind, so I give a final score of 4/5.

For those who are interested in Gobseck Vaultwright, Meister of the Golden Anvil is avaialble on DriveThruRPG  here as a single product, or as a part of the Faces of the Tarnished Souk NPC bundle.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros

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    I remember in Wing Commander III you were given an opotin about mid-way in the game to chase the baddie who gutted your girlfriend alive and kill him in one on one combat, if you did it you were left behind and stranded in space. The game then just rolled the end credits and you never knew if earth survived or not. If you didn’t do it then you played through several more missions before either saving the earth or being defeated and gutted alive yourself.Personally I don’t mind a game that give you the opotin of self sacrifice. It’s a value that is missing in today’s society. We all should be reminded that sometimes the ultimate price must be paid. Now if it’s the only opotin then it could be annoying but if it’s one of the opotins then I’m cool with it.I wouldn’t even minds an ending where the player dies without killing the baddie and their NPC sidekick steps over their mangled body and finishes the job depending on how well the plyaer equipped their side kick. Then have the sidekick go and take the fallen hero’s girl (or guy). Maybe show the player’s soul in hell being tormented by the fallen baddie. Oh yea, save the world and suffer for eternity for it. Or how about an ending where the player can defeat the baddie buy be so mangled afterward that it shows the player spending the rest of their life as an invalid whom everyone respects but feels sorry for. Even show him as an old man (or women) living paralized. The hero one but at great cost.Or how about an opotin where the baddie offers the hero vast riches to go away and if the player takes it show the hero living the high life in a far away kingdom over hearing people talking about the kingdom he sold out for money. So many more I can think of.

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