We recently received a nice little Traveller supplement from Christian Nienhaus, it’s called Modular Base ‘Commodus’. I’m a big fan of self-published RPG supplements, so I instantly jumped in the opportunity to review it.

  As the self-explanatory name implies, Modular Base ‘Commodus’ is about a mobile base, which could be customized for different purposes, and multiple Commodus could be combined into a bigger installation.

The Commodus

   The Commodus is well suited for research stations (think about the real-world arctic bases) or long-term camps in hostile environment.  It provides accommodation, life support and electricity for six person in it’s base setting, but it could be configured for many different tasks from a scientific laboratory to a small power plant or a green house.

  It’s also provides a good defense from the environment, including an air-lock and several protective measures. In it’s hostile environment  configuration it’s protected by a thicker composite armor, which protects from corrosive and insidious atmospheres, extreme temperature, and other features.


  This 26-page supplement contains some background information on the Commodus, as well as a price list and several floor plans for different settings (like a medical room, a laboratory or a storage) We also receive some adventure hooks, to include Commodus modular bases in our campaigns.

  I think the graphical presentation is OK, and the floor plans are welcome. The layout of the supplement is clear and functional, so it’s good as it is. There are nothing especially fancy here, but no big issues either.

  The only thing I miss is some plans for ready to use complete bases, created from multiple Commodus and intersections, but I think any Game Master could dream up such plans himself easily.

Final words

  I think Modular Base ‘Commodus’ is a nice addition to Traveller, or any other sci-fi setting if you convert prices and the armor values of the walls and windows. In the end I give it 5/5 for it’s content.

If you would like to take a look at the Commodus yourself its available on DriveThruRPG both in English and in German.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros