Uruk-Hais and Spectres were the great evil minions of Middle Earth, the drows and yuan-tis are the most feared in Faerun, the Daelkyrs of Xoriat and the dream-worldly Quoris are Eberron villains, the goat-men in the Old World, the skavens of their Underworld are the worst in the Warhammer fantasy world, etc. They are the most significant evils, they are the worst nightmares of the common folks, and they are the most valued trophies of the adventurers. It is the same in the world of NeoExodus. In a different world there are different evils, as the Core book mentioned them, they are the First Ones.

   In this book you will explore many of them. But beware, and remember the first sentence of the book: “everything here is a lie” (This is a paradox, or isn’t it? Ehh..) If you want to know more about the History of the Old Ones, and the civilization before mankind, here you can, but only 4 pages of History. It’s short and mythical. It’s all right, because they are the mythical races of the past, the legendary evils. In the shadows of the camp-fires, you can always find a man who whispers their tales. Yes, tales, they’re only tales in NeoExodus. They don’t knows, that the Old Ones are in the world of Exodus, hidden and silent. They have enclaves, and plans to destroy their old world. You will learn more about the infiltration in the book.

   Four (or five, see below) main races are described here. The Aneishi is a spider like humanoid, they’re savage, intolerant and solitary. (Do you remember the cockroach in the M.I.B.?) They’re slavers, and spider-friends, hunters and druids.

   The Exodite is a humanoid, almost a human. They dedicate themselves to perfection. They’re the captains, and tyrants of the Old Ones. Khayne, the bloody and evil god, was one of them. You can know more if you read the proper pages.

   The hedonistic Khaynite is a humanoid too, but the strongest among the First Ones. They’re the sons of Khayne, they’re the creator of the races, the explorer
of secrets, the masters of magic.

   The reptilian Sobeka have two sub-races. They were the soldiers of the First Ones armies. And they’re the “First Ones” for the common people. The two sub-
races are: the snake Kobura and the alligator Kroca. The Koburas are small and sly, they’re the scouts, and the Kroca is a brutal shock-troop. (The races have very good illustrations in the book, but only a few.)

   In the rest of the book there are new feats, two new spells, and new items (including a few new weapons). It’s important, because the First Ones aren’t monsters, mostly they’re evil NPC-s. And the DM has to create her/his own puppies. The “Relations” chapter should be bigger, because it’s interesting. Who are their enemies, and who are their friends? After this short chapter you can find a few sentences about the famous First Ones.

   And in the end of the book there are monsters. Here is the statistics of the Locari and it’s minions. The Locari is a man-sized insect-like creature, between an Alien and the Reavers of David Farland. It’s something what you have to hack and slash.

   The book is short, and many things are absent. For example: we get the statistics of the Old Ones, but I don’t know, what about their lifetime? How old is a young Sobeka (f.e.)? I don’t know, what was the main goal of the book? Is it a monster book, or a DM guide, or just an inspiring publication? Sometimes we get the statistics for the Old Ones, but sometimes we get the modifiers too. It’s easy to read, but I don’t know how to use it in a session. So many things are here, what would be easily incorporated into a fantasy novel. Yes, I feel that the world of NeoExodus needs (deserves?) a fantasy novel, a comic or even both of them.

Jeremy A. Wylie

Enemies of NeoExodus : First Ones is available currently on DriveThruRPG on this link.