Sometimes when a Game Master is creating an adventure we don’t have time the simplest looking parts, or we must do something on the fly to keep the campaign flowing. I think random encounters are one of these things : sometimes they necessary if the players spend a lot of time somewhere, and it makes the world more alive and plausible.

   So I think anything what makes generating and using random encounters easier, while making them feeling unique is good, and Random Urban Encounters is definitely falls into this category.

   It seems that the guys at Raging Swan Press has an endless supply of ideas to assist Pathfinder Game Masters. Week by week we receive new useful GM supplements from them, and today is no different is this regard.

So, what we can find in this supplement ?

   The content is not less than eight different scale-able urban encounter, with an EL between 1 and 6. The encounters are ranging from simple thieves and from meeting the city watch to hunting wererats or decide if they act on somebody’s behalf in multiple scenes. Of course, they decisions has their own problems and rewards.

  Thankfully the scenes in Random Urban Encounters are both detailed and unique. We receive nicely fleshed out NPC-s with background and motivations (and complete Stat Blocks, of course), as well as interesting challenges like a chase and or scenes which are easier to solve with diplomacy than by brute force.

   Overall I think these are really good ready-to-use encounters, and both of them are easy to insert into most urban settings and low or medium level campaigns. My only concern is the scaling of the EL in some cases : adding two CR 1/2 or CR 1 warriors won’t make a fight to be a suitable challenge for higher level player characters.

  So, in the end I could really recommend this product, especially for inexperienced Game Masters, or for those who has a hard time to improvise during a game session. In the end I give it 5/5 points.

As always, Random Urban Encounters is available on DriveThruRPG, here.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros