In the middle of this month Catalyst Game Labs released a new short supplement for the Shadowrun RPG : Safehouses. This short supplement could come in handy when the characters want to hide from view, or they received the task to find somebody who is laying low.

  Basically every campaign could use this sourcebook, as sooner or later there is somebody on the run. Wise players may even prepare some bolt holes beforehand, so when a group of assassins or government officials are looking for them, they have a hiding place ready. Or maybe they are looking for a safehouse after problems raised their ugly head. In both cases, the rules in Shadowrun: Safehouses is what you need.

The content within

  So what do we get in this 18 pages ? Well about half of the supplement is the cover and background information, while the other half contains the rues for generating bolt holes, safehouses or living of the grid. Basically these are the three options available for those characters who have made themselves to be the enemies of much bigger players, and don’t want to die from lead poisoning.

  I think the background part is good, but maybe it’s too much. I guess we need to know how you should imagine a safehouse before you include one in your campaign. Bolt holes are a little bit a different matter, as those are depending only the people owning them. during the background chapter we also receive a one-page list about the recommended supplies for bolt holes from food to entertainment and healing supplies. It’s a good, useful list I guess.

  The second half of the book provides the exact rules to create bolt holes, safehouses or living of the grid. Bolt holes could be created as additional lifestyles from the core rules or more likely using the Advanced Lifestyle Rules from the Runner’s Companion, including the lifestyles points/cost table. On the other hand safehouses are defined as temporary lifestyles maintained by NPC-s, with it’s own point/cost table. The Off The Grid is the easiest option, as you drop your lifestyle to street or sqatter level, and avoid contact with everybody.

  The new options for the point system are interesting, and really making sense for the topic. This includes guards for safehouses, or places which could be find easily by some of your Mr. Johnsons, and much more hidden for others. It’s also includes collected food, water and supplies of course.Or how about a deliveryman, a nurse or a magician included in the offers of the safehouse? I think we get everything we need.

Final words

  After reading it throughout the book, I think this time Catalyst provided excellent comment again. My only problem with the supplement that it’s not stand-alone, but it needs another expansion (while it’s understandable), and that I’m not sure if I would pay $5 for this content. I also felt that it could had some more details. but regardless, in the end I give it 4/5 point.

If you are interested Shadowrun: Safehouses is available for purchase on DriveThruRPG, here.