It seems the guys at Catalyst Game Labs won’t take a rest : on 2nd of January they already released their first sourcebook for the year for their Shadowrun Twentieth Anniversary Edition roleplaying-game, titled Shadowrun: Streets Legend Supplemental.

  Continuing on the same vein as Street Legends, Street Legends Suplemental introduces 10 new characters in the same format and detail. And now there is a troll at last ! We still won’t see a dwarf, but we receive a spirit, so I guess it’s count as even more diversity.

  Speaking about diversity, the ten characters are widely varied in motivations, powers and theme. Some of the characters are really big players of the Sixth World, like Damian Knight, Harlequin or Buttercup, and mostly suited for behind the curtain NPC-s in most cases. Others, like our troll Street Rage, or The Smiling Bandit could appear as enemies or allies during a mission.

  Even if you don’t want to use these NPC-s in your games the book is a very entertaining read, with interesting stories. Thanks to the many different characters in the book you get very inspiring stories about corporate intrigue, mercenaries and about what’s going in the shadows.

 The only problem I have with the book is it’s price tag : $7,95 for 10 NPC and nothing else. I’m almost sure most Game Masters won’t feature more than 3-4 from them at most, since players should not tumble upon well known characters every day. However, the book is a very good read even without the stats, and this is somewhat compensate for the price tag.

At the end I give Shadowrun: Street Legends Supplemental a 4/5. It’s good, but it’s not better than Corporate Intrigue or other equally good Shadowrun titles from Catalyst Game Labs.

Shadowrun: Street Level Supplemental is avaialbe on DriveThruRPG here, as well as the original Street Legends book.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros