Rite Publishing made a new addition to their Faces of Tarnished Souk NPC series, Xoti the Usurper.  Our new NPC is a demigod (godling), who could a benefactor or a trouble-maker for the players, based on the circumstances.

The character

  If I take a look at the background of Xoti, the Usurper I cannot help but recognize that he is a very unique character. In one hand he is getting closer and closer to be a full god of war, fire and earth, and then free his people by driving away their “oppressive” goddess. On the other hand he spend most of his time to visit parties, drinking, and sharing tales.

   So, as it’s natural for the series, we received another high level NPC to use in our campaigns. This time the base “power-level” of the character is CR 19, and it’s goes from CR 21 down to CR 5 in it’s many variants.

  With its recommended statistics, Xoti is a cunning fascinating mahrog mighty godling 18, which I guess needs some explanation. Mighty godling is character class from Super Genious Games, representing one kind of god-blooded character, who could possibly reach godhood, and Xoti already have 18 level of this class providing divine abilities. Mahrog is his subrace of humans, who are the chosen of the aforementioned goddess. Cunning and fascinating are another two new templates Rite Publishing, as it’s a quite regular addition for their products. (I think they REALLY like templates)

   The resulting character is something which really radiates heavenly glory, with many divine abilities representing his divine portfolio. This includes earth-moving powers, combat abilities and heavenly fire, and several clerical/oracle abilities. For those who for some reason don’t like the “basic” game statistics enough there are a CR 12 and CR 5 version about the Usurper too, and three additional templates which brings up the included versions of Xoti the Usurper to a whopping dozen.

Additional content

  The book contain four templates, four traits and several magic items in addition to the character. While some if these have somewhat limited use (for example the Traits are useeful only if you use the Dreamburning rules), but they are good and balanced.

Final words

  In my opinion Xoti, the Usurper is one of the best characters from the Faces of the Tarnished Souk series. He is very versatile, as he could be used in many roles in a campaign, and also he is one of the easiest characters to meet by the players. Helping him to reach godhood and usurp the unnamed goddess could be an epic and memorable finale for a grand campaign.

  Considering the character details (both background and statistics), and the additional content it’s clear that I have to give 5/5 points as a final score.

For those who are interested in Xoti, the Usurper is avaialble on DriveThruRPG for $1,99 here as a single product, or as a part of the Faces of the Tarnished Souk NPC bundle.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros