Palladium Books released a new Rifts Game Master Support Kit, created by Carl Gleba and Julius Rosenstein thought DriveThruRPG for GM-s all around the world at November 4. It seems a good resource and reference to have around for any Rifts campaign.

So what do we find in the Rifts Game Master Support Kit’s 50 pages for your $5 ? Depending on DriveThruRPG the above things are included :

Game Master Reference Sheet (it’s always good to have everything in one place)

Rifts Combat Matrix (it makes combat, especially melee, much easier to manage)

Rifts Skill List (including weapon proficiencies)

Alphabetized Spell Sheet (a reference with page numbers from all printed books)

Borg Worksheet

We also get not less than 20 ready to play sample characters, both usable as player characters or NPC-s. Additionally there is some Rifts mini-posters, and some general stuff, like character sheets and different GM logs, mostly available on Palladium Book’s site already for free. I guess it’s good to have those in one place too.

Good news, that after the as soon as next week, while a new Phase World®/Three Galaxies Game Master Support Kit is already under production by Carl Gleba.

I you interested in buying the product, you could find it at : Rifts Game Master Support Kit

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros