Rifts Game Master Support Kit released

Palladium Books released a new Rifts Game Master Support Kit, created by Carl Gleba and Julius Rosenstein thought DriveThruRPG for GM-s all around the world at November 4. It seems a good resource and reference to have around for any Rifts campaign.

So what do we find in the Rifts Game Master Support Kit’s 50 pages for your $5 ? Depending on DriveThruRPG the above things are included :

- Game Master Reference Sheet (it’s always good to have everything in one place)

- Rifts Combat Matrix (it makes combat, especially melee, much easier to manage)

- Rifts Skill List (including weapon proficiencies)

- Alphabetized Spell Sheet (a reference with page numbers from all printed books)

- Borg Worksheet

We also get not less than 20 ready to play sample characters, both usable as player characters or NPC-s. Additionally there is some Rifts mini-posters, and some general stuff, like character sheets and different GM logs, mostly available on Palladium Book’s site already for free. I guess it’s good to have those in one place too.

Good news, that after the as soon as next week, while a new Phase World®/Three Galaxies Game Master Support Kit is already under production by Carl Gleba.

I you interested in buying the product, you could find it at DriveThruRPG.com : Rifts Game Master Support Kit

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros

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