Last week Palladium Book announced, that the new Rifts World Book: Lemuria is already at the printers. The new book packs a lots content, including new Biomancy spells, mounts, weapons, and gear suitable for both land-dwellers and aquatic adventurers.

   So what is included in this 233-page long book ? Well, quite a lot of things from floating cities to sea monsters and rules for underwater combat. I try to give an overview below.

    Naturally the book starts of with the background information on the Lemurians and their lands. We also get a detailed description about their floating cities, using the City of Mu as an example. This is a very advanced city indeed, able to travel both underwater or even fly on it’s own power, while housing an estimated population of 375.000. You may check the details in the sneak preview.

   As character options the book includes several aquatic races and new skills and weapon proficiencies, as well as several Lemurian O.C.C-s. Among the 8 new O.C.C. you may find the Spouter (Psychic). the Biomancer Gene-Mage amd the Birdman among others. A great deal of new abilities from magic to water-based psionics are also included in the book.

   Speaking about biomancy and magic : the book includes rules for Biomancy gardens, as well as 50+ new Biomancy spells and a handful of new Ocean Magic spells and 11 types of Biomancy armor. The later leads us to equipments and weapons, including bio-weapons, bio-construct symbiotes  (even symbiotic vehicles!) and other interesting bits.

   Of course World Book: Lemuria wouldn’t be complete if it would include Lemurians without a context, so the book includes information about the different factions and powers connected to them, be them enemies (both living and undead, and even the famous Davey Jones) or not. We also receive information about the different denizens of the deep, including sea monsters and dragons, exotic creatures like the Saber-Toothed Sea Lion and even the Lemurians’ own bio-engineered war beasts and mounts.

All in all, it looks like an interesting package, and it’s highly recommended for Rifts fans out there. Until the release you may take a look at the sneak preview, including some interesting things in itself. (floating cities, Panther Shark mount)

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros