Rifts Path of the Storm – one writer’s vision for the Rifts movie will be a new, entirely unique book for the Rifts roleplaying game. It consist a screenplay written  by Matthew Clements and game stats and artwork for major characters in the included script.

  The soon to be released Rifts Path of the Storm – one writers vision on the Rifts movie book will be a very unique expansion from Palladium Press to the Rifts roleplaying game. We receive info about what’s going on with the Rifts movie from Kevin Siembieda, and we get an entire new screenplay by Matthew Clements.

   It is intended as both a  possible movie script, if Hollywood ever decide to create a Rifts movie, and also as a new Rifts sourcebook, providing characters, encounters and a ideas to any Game Master. They feel that the screenplay became very good,  so they even sent an improved draft to Jerry Bruckheimer Films for their consideration.

   Depending on the publisher’s website, Matthew Clements created a story that captures the look, feel and attitude they intended for Rifts. The screenplay is promised to be fast and fun, and a pleasant experience for Rifts fans. They decided, that the script will be a canon for Rifts, and therefore it’s fully usable by players for their campaigns.

  The book will also contain game statistics and artwork for characters in the script, and also three new kind of demons and several other enemies to include in a Rifts game.

For additional information, you may check the product page on Palladium Press’s website : here

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros