At the end of this November, Palladium Book releases it’s new Robotech New Generation Sourcebook, written by Irvin Jackson. This book opens up a great deal of possibilities for any gaming group, hand has the most extensive setting in Robotech’s history.

The Release day is November 28 !

It’s definitely good news for Robotech players around the world, that the  Robotech New Generation Sourcebook, written by Irvin Jackson is in the final layout stage of production.

So what could we find in this book’s 96 pages ?

Maybe the biggest thing in the book, that it’s enables mechas, power armor and technology from all four eras of Robotech to be used in a single setting. And there are new character classes, vehicles, weapons, mecha and many more !

There are rules for jury-rigging and kit-bashing mecha, and it’s also possible to combine different generations of mecha together. Rules for creating frankenmecha – “giant mecha amalgamations that combine the limbs, weapons and body parts of two or more mecha” – are also included.

Above the frankenmecha many things, Veritech Fighters, Destroids, Battloids, Hover Tanks and Cyclones makes their first appearance in the game.

We also get background information on the resistance organizations, and how they work in the setting. There are 7 new character classes to face the Invid, like Freedom Fighter, Urchin and Pathfinder. Fans will be glad, that game statisctics for New Generation characters such as Corg, Sera, Lunk, Annie, Rook from the TV series are also included on the pages of the sourcebook.

Overall, it seems to be a great addition to the Robotech product line, and an interesting setting to try out.

So, let’s join the resistance !

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros