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Roll for initiative Warner Bros, Hasbro is attacking!

Recently we talked about Dungeons & Dragons the movie being released under Warner Brothers, and we had a rather mixed response from viewers of both good and bad. Well apparently, it may not be so easy. Dungeons And Dragons Wallpaper__yvt2

Hasbro has put on their big boy pants and stepped on the breaks for this project, as they say that THEY own the rights to D&D and they say that their company has already set up a project at Universal that is to be developed and directed by Chris Morgan, who has done the fast & Furious movies, Wanted, 47 Ronin and will be doing the 2014 reboot of Conan, see more here.

Though there is no comments from Warner Bros both studios are unwavering in their conviction to not back down. Well, it looks like one of our popular table top games is about to be part of a tug-o-war for the screen.


What do you think? Who would you rather have publish the movie, Hasbro or Warner Bros?


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3 thoughts on “Roll for initiative Warner Bros, Hasbro is attacking!

  1. Sorry but, who cares?

    The last D&D movies were horrible and I would expect there not to be a great deal of financial support for this considering they can’t even market their own tabletop game correctly.

    Outside of nerds, how many of the general population would really be interested in seeing a D&D movie? Low market share in the movie biz equals low budget.

  2. It seems to me that movies can get stuck in arguments like this forever and previously announced actors, writers, and directors move on to other projects. In the end, it doesn’t really matter which company makes the movie, what matters is the writing and the direction. Hopefully this will get sorted out soon enough for one of the two to make a quality film.

  3. personally I loved the D&D movies. Mostly because they were so bad, kinda like how I still love Batman and Robin.

    Thus, Id say let Warner Bros do it, because they made a mad-cap toy selling movie out of Batman, and I really think that Joel Schumacher (I’m not kidding) could actually capture the over-the-top epic feel of a D&D game very well (still not kidding). Seriously, the guy did Phantom of the Opera, Falling Down, and St. Elmo’s Fire, which all were awesome films (at least according to the critics).

    I know that many DM’s are guilty of running games just like B&R (“You want to bust off the door and use as it as a surfboard to ride the wave of lava to safety? Acrobatics please. *looks at roll* It’s good!”)

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