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CCG reviews

Take a look at Magic the Gathering: Avacyn Restored! 3

   The world of Innistrad is changed, and humanity now has a chance of survival as Avacyn, Angel of Hope emerges from the Helvault in Avacyn Restored. But the fight

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Magic: The Gathering – Dark Ascension Launch party report 0

  As you may remember, about two weeks ago I wrote an article about Dark Ascension, the new expansion for Magic: the Gathering. The new expansion has been released officially

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Take a look at Magic the Gathering: Dark Ascension! 1

  As you may already know, the new Magic the Gathering expansion, Dark Ascension is very close to release, with prerelease tournaments going on this weekend. The cards in the

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Review: The Lord of the Rings LCG – Khazad-Dúm Expansion 0

On last week Fantasy Flight Games released the first big-box expansion to the Lord of the Rings LCG, Khazad-Dúm. With this new expansion you may lead your heroes into the

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