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RPG Tycoon – Review 0

Hail Fellow Adventurers! Today I had a great opportunity get my hands on and review RPG Tycoon. If you’ve heard of this game, or not, it is exactly what it

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Dark Souls II Game Review 0

I admit, the first time I ever picked up a Dark Souls game (well, lets be honest, I picked up Demon’s souls) I found it annoying, frustrating, and couldn’t figure

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Krazy Kinetic Bundle Review – Really Big Sky, Stardrone, and more. 6

Bit behind on reviews, but here’s the Indie Bundle Review for the Krazy Kinetic Bundle. These games are $5 or $7 for the the “plus” and each game is commonly

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Hellish Dungeons Review + Giveaway! 3

Here we are again with another review from! Today I’m reviewing something I think you guys will like a bit more than the last, seeings as they all seem

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