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You have no informations about some published materials ? RpgZorg’s knockers write about every publications they can put their hands on.

Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide

I thought that this was going to be cool. I was wrong. It’s just fantastic. If you’re playing Pathfinder just pick this up and drop every one of your old 3.5 splat books. You won’t need them. I’m still trying to digest all the info that is in this book. Tweaks and new abilities for


Once again, I’m digging into the past to drum up movie that every geek should see sometime in their live time. This time I’m talking about Fanboys. Now, I know there some controversies around the film during its development and screenings. So I just had to see it for myself. This movie should be some

Amethyst: Foundations

A new setting book has been released for the 4th edition of D&D game. It takes us to the near future where the modern world goes under great changes and the old fantasies of mankind returns. This radical change starts when two magical gates open and lets all magical power flowing again through the veins of this world.… Read More »

Wolfhound: Some Russian Sword & Sorcery Goodness

Recommendation: Rent it. Sorry the ending is so silly. There’s some really good movies that have come out of Russia. If haven’t see Nightwatch yet, do so now. But that’s not what this review is about. This is about Wolfhound, a fairly decent fantasy tale from the East. Yeah, I said fairly decent. The set

Paizo’s Plot Twist Deck

Just got the Plot Twist Deck today and it’s pretty darned sweet. If you’ve stopped by here enough you’ll know that I’m one of those story over rules guys which makes this right up my alley. Here’s what you get. Fifty-one cards with nifty bits of inspirational artwork. Each card has a title and four

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

When I take the time to just chill I like to dig to the depths of my Netflix and watch those things that I thought would be interesting at the time. One of those was obviously The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. This little animated feature is based off a comic by Rob Zombie. And

Persons Unknown

I’m really trying to like this but so far it just hasn’t grabbed me. I mean the trailer is just dead creepy cool but actually watching the show is a snooze fest. Here’s the basic premise. A bunch of people get kidnapped and dropped into this mostly deserted town. They can’t get out. They don’t

Neighbors From Hell: Fail

Let’s just say this could have been better. OK, it was lame. Hey, this is two bad reviews in two weeks. So here’s the basic premise. An evil energy company (more evil than Satan himself) has super-drill that can drill all the way though the Earth. This has the powers of Hell a bit angry