So recently I was able to take a look into something recently released called RPG Table Online, reminding me a lot of some of the paid programs I see out there, it seems to be a bit in its early stages but seems pretty reliable. Now I know I have moved away from a majority of my gaming buddies, and that is exactly what this website was made for. To set up games on the net in order to play with your buddies, or even find other roleplaying buddies that you may not yet know.

RPG Tablle Online is a free to use and fairly basic tool for GMs to use to run their RPGs on the net, it comes equipped with a dice roller, map and a dungeon creator, as well as character and monster token system, initiative tracker, campaign notebook, character sheets, and integrated voice chat. They do have extra tokens, customization etc. that you can purchase from them, but I believe I also noted a way to earn some without spending any or too much money, don’t quote me though I haven’t had enough time to play around with it.

The program is a free Java=based application and you don’t need to download it, you don’t need a ton of knowledge or to read an 800 page prep booklet in order to use it, “We focused on making RPG Table Online intuitive to use and ready to play without additional setup beyond the usual prep to build an encounter or adventure,” said Robert Eng, GTO’s Vice President.

If you ever used you’ll realize quickly that the people of RPG Table Online are the same people, and have been doing this for about 9 years. So, it may seem new at first glance, but these guys are seasoned veterans. The starting tokens and things you get for this application are fantasy-based, however more themes and artwork from well-known artists are promised to be on their way!