Blackbyrne Publishing released Sands of Despair, an interesting adventure for their Dark Veil campaign. This very detailed adventure is available both for Pathfinder RPG and Dungeons & Dragons 4E

  Sands of Despair, published by Blackbyrne Publishing is a very detailed and thankfully long adventure, released for two different RPG systems, Pathfinder and 4E DnD. With above 90 pages it’s the biggest adventure to date by Blackbyrne.

  The adventure itself is created as the fourth episode of the Dark Veil campaign, but it could be nicely adjusted to other ongoing campaigns or to play as a solo adventure.

  The dual-release is an interesting feature, especially considering that it’s recommended for different character levels. The Pathfinder version of Sands of Despair is recommended for 4th level, while the 4E DnD is for 7th level. This however is true for the entire Dark Veil campaign, as it is designed to be going from 1-15th level and 1-30th level respectively.

  All adventures for the campaign are extensively detailed, with complete NPC statistics, GM tools and complete 1″ maps for each adventure. It speaks for itself, that none of the already released parts are less than 70 pages.

  Without spoiling too much, it seems that in the campaign arc there is a great evil behind the curtains, and the characters receive some 10.000 years old prophecy (in  The Prophecy Revealed, the 3rd part of the series) which they will follow in this adventure. I think most players will be surprised by the quite unnatural flow of events.

  Sands of Despair consist a very nice recap about the history of the area, which will be very important for the campaign, as well as detailed information on people and places around. The adventure starts in a seaside city called Gull’s Port, which the characters should know from earlier adventures if possible.

  For those who don’t know Blackbyrne Publishing‘s adventures, I recommend to try their free short adventure, Within Death’s Gaze to get a taste of their work. It’s suited for 7th level 4E Dungeons & Dragons characters or for 5th level Pathfinder adventurers.

You may get Sands of Despair on DriveThruRPG for both Pathfinder and 4E DnD

Or you may check the free Within Death’s Gaze Pathfinder and 4E DnD edition

Or you could take a look at the publisher’s website here.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros