I know the title seems strange, but it’s pretty much what is it about. Catalyst Game Labs announced the release of Shadowrun 2050, which turns back the time of the Shadowrun universe to its beginning years. This is the timeframe which made this game a legend for the first time, filled with decks, cyberware and big guns.

   The new Shadowrun 2050 release use the current Twentieth Anniversary Edition rules, and contain all information a player or gamemaster would need. This includes rules on how to adapt the magic,  Matrix and other rules to the 2050 setting, and many more.

   Of course, the book wouldn’t be complete without extensive in-game information on the world and it’s leading powers. The setting comes back to life with great artwork and many named characters : Captain Chaos, Maria Mercurial, The Laughing Man and Dirk Montgomery are only few examples from the list. The publisher also mentioned that it will be a new twist on the setting, whatever that means. (I hope that won’t mean major changes)

I guess we don’t have to wait forever to know, as Shadowrun 2050 will be released in 2012 !

  I think there are many things to look at if you are a Shadowrun fan.  Shadowrun Online is in the works (supposedly coming at early 2013, if you want to know), and the KickStarter for the Shadowrun Returns computer game is quite a success. I think this is great.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros