Catalyst released Colombian Subterfure, a new adventure for Shadowrun Twentieth Anniversary Edition. In the 3rd part of Horizon adventure series players race against time to change the tide of battle between Aztlan and Amazonia.

  Colombian Subterfuge is a freeshly released adventure for Shadowrun Twentieth Anniversary Edition. As Aztlan and Amazonia face each other in a bloody conflict it’s Horizon corporation which may tip the balance (for a great deal of many of money) to save Amazonia from total defeat. Columbian Subterfuge is the third part in the Horizon adventures line, but could be played without knowing the previous two adventure modules. (A Fistful of Credsticks and Anarchy: Subsidized)

  Players and gamemasters who played through the previous adventures will be familiar with the Horizon megacorporation’s influence over the media and entertainment industries. In Shadowrun information and propaganda are the weapons that Amazonia needs to win over the invading Aztlan armies, and it’s unrivaled public relations machine, as their own fighting forces are hardly pressed by the invaders.

  The shadowrunners have to travel to Bogotá, a war-torn city by the recent battles. Bogotá is already detailed in the War! sourcebook for Shadowrun, which ay be used by a playing group to give additional background detail, equipment and contacts to the adventure. However to those groups don’t owing the War! sourcebook, a basic overview of Bogotá and the politics that influence life there on a daily basis is included on player handouts.

  Players will help Horizon’s effort to turn the public opinion from the front lines. They need quick wits and act as fast as they can in the middle of the warzone, as they have to finish their objectives before the Amazonian defence forces totally collapse.

If you interested in the Colombian Subterfuge adventure, you may purchase it on DriveThruRPG, here.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros