Catalyst presented a new sourcebook for Shadowrun 4th edition, Shadowrun: Conspiration Theories. It’s currently out for PDF sale and print pre-order.

  The world in Shadowrun was always full with conflict and secret wars and agendas from different powers, be they corporations, dragons or other forces. However there are even more obscure agendas than what an average shadowrunner may know. Shadowrun: Conspiration Theories is about these secretive things happening, without much people recognize it.

  One of the certain things in the so called Sixth World, that they are always people (or other things in some instances) planning something which should never happen. There are many conspiracies, from ellaborate plots to overcome governments to world domination, or in much smaller scale. In Shadowrun: Conspiration Theories, we get a glimpse into the truth behind some of the theories, and Game Masters get to know the nefarious details regarding these cases.

  Who are the mayor players, what they want, and how could the players defend themselves? We get answers for all of these, and as well as detail to two of the major conspiracy hotspots on the planet, London and DeeCee.

  There are many things that are (potentially) out there : bug spirit nests, dragon civil wars, aliens, corporate dealings… and much more. Or, maybe some or none of this… these are conspiration theories after all.

  Above the much needed information of how to stay alive against these new, or just previously unknown threats, Shadowrun: Conspiration Theories consist several new  magical rituals, which is used by some grous to grab more power to themselves.

If you want the book, you could get it as PDF at DriveThruRPG, or you mayorder the book at BattleShop.

All in all it seems a very good sourcebook to support the Shadowrun 4th product-line.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros